A phone which does not spy on you

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Librem 5, the phone that focuses on security by design and privacy protection by default. Running Free/Libre and Open Source software and a GNU+Linux Operating System designed to create an open development utopia, rather than the walled gardens from all other phone providers.

A fully standards-based freedom-oriented system, based on Debian and many other upstream projects, has never been done before–we will be the first to seriously attempt this.

The Librem 5 phone will be the world’s first ever IP-native mobile handset, using end-to-end encrypted decentralized communication.

Many others have attempted Open Source phones and failed. I hope this one works, especially since I just discovered that you cannot turn off wifi or Bluetooth on Android or iOS. "Turning it off" in the controls on those phones merely disconnects you from current access points, but leaves them on so they can spy on your location with great precision and open you up to various exploits:


On iOS 11, pressing the wifi toggle immediately disconnects the iPhone or iPad from any wifi networks, but leaves the wireless radio available for use by location services, scanning for the names of nearby wifi access points. The Bluetooth toggle operates in a similar fashion. ...

A similar thing happens in Android smartphones, which use wifi as part of their location services. Switching wifi off prevents it from connecting to wifi access points, but allows it to continue periodically scanning for access point names to help pinpoint its location.

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204   richwicks   2023 Oct 5, 1:24am  

@Patrick, I'll do it and I'll buy. I think the park is very nearby. Perhaps that's the best place to meet up.
205   Patrick   2023 Oct 5, 6:57am  

@Undoctored Want some pizza?

Any other readers near Palo Alto?
208   NuttBoxer   2023 Oct 5, 7:20am  

Some people reported they got the alert after turning their phone back on. Others said the phone was turned on for them. We took our Roku off the internet(unplugged cable), and put our cellphones in a closet. No alerts, were not turned on for us.
209   Misc   2023 Oct 5, 8:23am  

Do you know how many convicts in jail were outed for having cell phones they weren't supposed to have?
210   ForcedTQ   2023 Oct 5, 11:37am  

No alert for me, I was on a Zoom meeting at the time too.
211   richwicks   2023 Oct 5, 11:55am  

Misc says

Do you know how many convicts in jail were outed for having cell phones they weren't supposed to have?

You have any idea how stupid that this is it's even possible?

The cell tower knows where you are.

The phone companies know these phones are being used in prison.
212   Patrick   2023 Oct 5, 1:18pm  


The Russian public has been taking part in nuclear attack drills across the country as the nation appears to be preparing for World War III.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, sirens blared out across Russia as part of a bone-chilling drill for an incoming nuclear attack.

Maybe the US is planning for, or even hoping for a nuclear attack, and that was the purpose behind the cellphone test.

Given that the US government is directly responsible for ~17 million deaths from the toxxine, it seems plausible that they would have no problem killing millions of Americans with a provoked nuclear attack from Russia, just to declare martial law so that they have a reason not to let Trump win for a third time. They know that things will go badly for them if they ever lose their grip on the DOJ, the CIA, and the corporate media.
213   Robber Baron Elite Scum   2023 Oct 5, 6:15pm  

Sounds like the perfect phone for drug dealers, organized crime figures and criminals.

Also great for corrupt politicians.
216   NuttBoxer   2023 Oct 19, 7:54am  

Patrick says

that was the purpose behind the cellphone test.

The test is conducted yearly.
219   Patrick   2023 Nov 25, 8:13pm  


Millions of Americans who use AT&T’s phone network are having their phone calls monitored by a surveillance program called Data Analytical Services (DAS), which has had coordination with federal and local law enforcement agencies.

According to a document obtained by WIRED, DAS has been secretly collecting and analyzing over one trillion domestic phone records within the U.S. each year.

The program used to be called Hemisphere and is run by AT&T in coordination with different agencies, according to Fox News.

The program uses a technique known as chain analysis. This goes after those who have been in direct contact with a criminal suspect, and anyone else who has had communications with them.

This program also allows law enforcement agencies to receive any data access in the records of any calls that use AT&T’s infrastructure. This information can include phone numbers, locations, dates and even the addresses of those subscribed.

According to Fox, this surveillance raises serious concerns about privacy rights and the 14th Amendment.

This program has reportedly been operating for more than ten years and has received millions of dollars from the White House’s Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) under a program called HIDTA, or "high-intensity drug trafficking area."

AT&T has refused to comment specifically on the program, only responding that it is required by law to comply with a lawful subpoena, according to the outlet.

Oregon Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden sent a letter last week to Attorney General Merrick Garland, urging him to investigate and review the program. “I have serious concerns about the legality of this surveillance program, and the materials provided by the DOJ contain troubling information that would justifiably outrage many Americans and other members of Congress,” Wyden wrote.
220   Patrick   2023 Nov 27, 11:13am  

Cars these days can report your location and be remotely disabled.
223   NuttBoxer   2023 Dec 6, 12:12pm  

Patrick says

Oregon Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden

Been consistently raising the alarm on these intrusions since 9/11.
224   Patrick   2023 Dec 7, 7:45pm  


Apple has recently admitted to secretly supplying governments around the world with data related to push notifications from its devices. The data provided goes beyond the display text of notifications that users see to backend directives to individual apps.

Ars Technica reports that tech giant Apple has come under scrutiny following its admission of secretly providing governments with push notification data from its devices. This revelation was brought to light by Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR), who has been investigating the issue. In a recent letter, Wyden demanded that the Department of Justice update policies that prohibit companies from informing the public of data requests from the government.

Push notifications, often used for alerts about new messages, emails, social media comments, and news updates, are sent through servers run by the phone’s operating system provider, such as Apple or Google. This system ensures timely and efficient delivery of notifications, but also means that these companies can be compelled by governments to hand over this information.
227   RWSGFY   2023 Dec 19, 9:12pm  

Patrick says

Edward, you sorry cunt, you literally live with the KGB dick up your ass balls-deep, so shut the fuck up about being subject of spying upon and that kind of stuff.
233   Bd6r   2024 Jan 10, 2:25pm  

Why the fuck this person lets his washing machine access internets?
Patrick says

234   SunnyvaleCA   2024 Jan 11, 2:41am  

Bd6r says

Why the fuck this person lets his washing machine access internets?

I just deleted my comment on this after seeing you beat me to it.
235   SunnyvaleCA   2024 Jan 11, 3:44am  

Could I piggyback this thread to complain about the complete lack of "dumb" TVs with large size? I think I must have bought the very last dumb 65-inch 4k about 7 years ago. I haven't seen a dumb TV of that size since then and I've never seen a bigger 4k at any time that was dumb. I suppose if I eventually "upgrade" I'll just have to put a password on my WiFi, but I won't be happy with the typical complicated procedure to put it in "just show the video signal (no sound) on HDMI port 1" mode. Right now my universal remote has a single button for the TV: on/off toggle.
236   zzyzzx   2024 Jan 11, 5:21am  

SunnyvaleCA says

Could I piggyback this thread to complain about the complete lack of "dumb" TVs with large size?

What's preventing you from not connecting your TV to the internet? As in if you want to stream, use an external box connected to a HDMI port.
237   NuttBoxer   2024 Jan 11, 8:29am  

SunnyvaleCA says

I'll just have to put a password on my WiFi

Does this mean what I think it does?

Sounds like you want to disable sound for your HDMI connection? Why not just use a non-integrated connection type and not plug in the audio? Also, I believe you can disable wifi on the TV directly.

I have a 50in Plasma, superior picture in many ways. Although there might be more 4k content available now? Dumb as shit. I use a Roku box, but I let networking rules and Pihole throttle everything I don't want be sent, plus a little foam in the speaker on the remote makes our voices inaudible. Although since I'm blocking the recording files from leaving my network, not really needed. We also have a small Samsung that connects only for the internal Plex server. I've setup rules at the router and in Pihole to block ALL external traffic from that device.
240   Patrick   2024 Feb 7, 12:05pm  


Biden Admin Funding Censorship Network to Flag ‘Misinformation’ in Private Messages

Rather than backing away from the unconstitutional practice, White House officials have been working on more sophisticated tactics to subvert the public’s free speech rights.

Reports are now emerging about companies getting hired to make massive databases of supposedly unwelcome speech in private conversations on messaging platforms like WhatsApp.

The examples of wrongthink are compiled and stored thanks to users effectively spying and reporting on each other.

Benz calls this “a snitch network of citizen informants.”

The information thus obtained is then analyzed using some form of artificial intelligence (AI), resulting in the identification of “misinformation trends.”

In a post on X, Benz explains:

“The US gov’t is paying millions of dollars to censorship mercenary firms to build up a snitch network of citizen informants to report private text messages on WhatsApp for ‘misinformation’ — then create a vast database of banned memes & ideas.”

One of these companies is the Algorithmic Transparency Institute.

The money for the operation comes from congressionally chartered organizations that receive taxpayer-funded grants from the Biden admin.

The need to resort to “old school” citizen-informant methods arises from the nature of the platforms the government would like to spy on, and get content flagged and eventually censored.

The targets of the operation are encrypted private messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram.

Due to the nature of these messaging apps, the now-established forms of “monitoring” places like Facebook or YouTube cannot be used.

Critics of this euphemistically dubbed “civic listening” draw parallels with how authoritarian regimes notoriously use people spying on each other even before the digital age.

Now, the spying “format” once used by the likes of Stalin, the Nazis, etc., has reached America.

The principle is simple: In the areas where the government can’t reach, private chat apps’ users themselves are encouraged to report what’s being said.

That flagged “misinformation” data is then fed into the censorship machine with the creation of databases before undergoing AI analyses.

Foundation For Freedom Online singles out US-based non-profit Meedan as being “at the forefront of creating this snitch network.”

The group received $5.7 million in tax dollars as a grant from the Biden admin via the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Among the things flagged by these “censorship mercenary firms” are memes and “claims.”

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