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Mosquitoes remember if you swatted at them

By Patrick follow Patrick   2018 Jan 26, 2:39am 737 views   2 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

Mosquitoes remember human smells, but also swats
The study shows that hosts who swat at mosquitoes or perform other defensive behaviors may be abandoned, no matter how sweet.

A new study shows that mosquitoes can rapidly learn and remember the smells of hosts and that dopamine is a key mediator of this process. The study proved a mosquito's preference can shift if that person's smell is associated with an unpleasant sensation.
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Interesting, that makes sense. There will be huge mosquito buzzing around but if I swat at it and miss. It then goes off the grid. I haven't figured out how they can project their wing buzzing into your ear even when they are no where to be found, or are clear across the room.
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I think they have incognito mode, and buzz loud as hell mode when they are flying. Perhaps it's a pack hunting technique, where one flies in and makes a loud buzzing noise. While a quiet stealthy one lands on your other side and has his way.

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