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Big Sky, MT - Summer Experience

By WookieMan follow WookieMan   2018 Jan 25, 10:05pm 1,974 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

Anyone been to Big Sky, MT in the summer? Obviously been doing the google machine research, just seeing if anyone had some insider or personal experience on a visit there. Booked for July, going with the family. Don't need to give exact kids ages here, but I have two under the age of 8. So some high class rapids won't cut the mustard with the kiddos needless to say.

If you have Yellowstone recs I'll take them, but it's the weekend right after the 4th. So I assume it will be a tourist shit show.
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Bumping my own god damn thread. Southwest Montana. Nobody here been? Seems strange.

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