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Do you believe in absurdities?

By WineHorror1 follow WineHorror1   2017 Aug 18, 6:59am 1,326 views   0 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

Absurdity Number 1: The reason Wall Street, Washington DC and corporate America are allowed to continue their non-stop economic gang bang of the American middle class, including in particular, economically distressed minorities, is a bunch of weathered confederate army statues and the activities of American neo-nazis.

Absurdity Number 2: Vladimir Putin owns your ass.

Absurdity Number 3: The H1B visa program promotes upward mobility for gender based, ethnic and racial minorities.

Absurdity Number 4: What is good for Wall Street is good for America.

Absurdity Number 5: The United States Congress represents the will of the people.

Abusrdity Number 6: The RICO Act does not apply to the criminal activities of Too Big To Fail Banks.

Absurdity Number 7: War is peace…

Via Knuckledraggin

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