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Hijrah - when migration becomes jihad

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The first Hijrah was when Mohammed moved to Medina with his followers, eventually taking over that city for the cause of Islam. This marks the beginning of the Islamic calendar, it's that important to Muslims! Muslims doing a Hijrah are assured of their heavenly reward if they die during the excursion. When they arrive they are commanded to not integrate, not submit to unbeliever rule, and to gradually subjugate the population to Muslim rule.

Does this make the current events in Europe understandable? Sure, if you first understand that this is no "humanitarian crisis," but instead an invasion of young Muslim soldiers with the intent of spreading the influence of Islam. To them, it's a holy journey. They're on a mission from God, and normal behavior DOESNT apply.

Accepting these invaders is the worst mistake any government could possibly make, as their goal is to convert the inviting nation to Islam and sharia, to subjugate those of other faiths, and establish Islam there in.


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I read about this "charity" on Slate Star Codex. The site draws an educated following. The founder of this "charity," and the author of this "guest post" on Slate Star Codex, are both female. The host is Jewish. The post says, "I'm donating [and] I encourage others to donate to" this "charity".

The "charity" website contains a lot of verbiage about sympathetic cases, but I think PatNet readers can see at a glance what the "charity" is about. Here is a map, identifying "Client Countries of Origin" and "Client Destination Countries."

Can you spot what the "Countries of Origin" have in common, and what the "Destination Countries" have in common, that sets the two categories apart?

The Slate Star Codex following tend to be book smart, but not street smart. They appear to be actually supporting this "charity".

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The White Man came to America as immigrant,turned into terrorist against the Native owners,destroyed their culture & are in the process of destroying themselves.

Hypocrisy can be so much fun.

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HEY YOU says

Hypocrisy can be so much fun.

So, because more than a century ago, mostly European immigrants overran the American Indians, you're saying now today's Americans should surrender the country to Hijrah, or else you'll accuse today's Americans of hypocrisy. That's a long way to go in order to insult 300+ million people, most of whose ancestors weren't even here at the time of the alleged "terrorist" destruction that you complain of. And, while the American Indians have currently the option of living on reservations or assimilating into modern America, Islam says to kill them wherever they go, because they are disbelievers. So, if you cared about them (instead of merely using them as an excuse to insult people) and didn't want them killed, you'd oppose Hijrah.

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