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Substitute teacher, 24, arrested for 'having sex with 17-year-old student multiple times in a car and his home'
by zzyzzx in #sex   23 comments, latest 7 hours ago
A 24-year-old former substitute teacher is charged with having sex with one of her 17-year-old students. Loryn Barclay of Washburn, Missouri, allegedly had oral sex with the teen in...
Hyundai bends knee to Trump
by zzyzzx in #trump   8 comments, latest 9 hours ago
Hyundai Motor, South Korea's largest carmaker, says it will increase its investment in the US by 50 per cent over the next five years, to $3.1bn, as it seeks...
Antifa Thugs Are Planning to Desecrate Graves and Burn Flags at Gettysburg on July 1
by zzyzzx in #antifa   13 comments, latest 9 hours ago
Funny picture thread
by zzyzzx in #humor   965 comments, latest 2 days ago
Flounder is dead!
by zzyzzx in #flounder   1 comment, latest 1 week ago
Stephen Furst, the actor best known as lovable loser Flounder in the 1978 film "National Lampoon's Animal House," has died at 62. Furst's sons Nathan and Griffith Furst announced...
Ex-Phila Mob Boss Lays Out Counter-Terror Plan
by zzyzzx   45 comments, latest 2 weeks ago
Many Doctors Dont See Past the Fat
by zzyzzx in #fat   53 comments, latest 2 weeks ago
Why Do Obese Patients Get Worse Care? Many Doctors Don’t See Past the Fat You must lose weight, a doctor told Sarah Bramblette, advising a 1,200-calorie-a-day diet. But Ms....
Nude sunbathers say perverts on yacht used drone to peep at them
by zzyzzx   11 comments, latest 2 weeks ago
Seven young girls from Spain filed a police report saying they were recorded by a drone while basking naked on the deck of a boat in Mallorca. According to...
$1,000 Reward For Flashing CNN is ISIS Sign Live on the Network
by zzyzzx in #CNNisISIS   4 comments, latest 3 weeks ago
Following Kathy Griffin releasing an ISIS style photo of herself holding the decapitated head of President Donald Trump, Mike Cernovich and Alex Jones offered $1,000 rewards for photobombing CNN...
Funny cat pictures thread
by zzyzzx   78 comments, latest 3 weeks ago
Indian IT Firm To Hire 10,000 Americans After Trump Order
by zzyzzx in #trump   8 comments, latest 1 month ago
Indian technology company Infosys Ltd. plans to hire more American workers instead of foreign labor in response to the Trump administration’s increased scrutiny of the controversial H-1B visa program....
James Bond is dead!
by zzyzzx in #bondjamesbond   2 comments, latest 1 month ago
Sir Roger Moore, the suave English actor who is best known for playing James Bond and Simon Templar in The Saint TV series, has died aged 89 in Switzerland....
Clint Eastwood: Political correctness would stop Dirty Harry being made today
by zzyzzx   5 comments, latest 1 month ago
Clint Eastwood thinks that his classic cop thriller ‘Dirty Harry’ couldn’t be made today, thanks to political correctness. Speaking during an on-stage interview at the Cannes Film Festival, the...
42-Year-Old Woman Facing Rape Charges for Sexual Acts with Three Underage Football Players
by zzyzzx in #teacher   33 comments, latest 1 month ago
Mary Fletcher is facing rape charges in Northern California after it was discovered she had sexual relations with three underage male football players. Police say, she also sometimes goes...
Mexicans are angry that illegals from Central America are bringing crime to their country.
by zzyzzx in #rapefugees   13 comments, latest 1 month ago
Illegal Alien drunk driver deported 15 times in hit-and run
by zzyzzx in #obamsfault   23 comments, latest 1 month ago
A drunken driving suspect in a hit-and-run crash that severely injured a 6-year-old boy in San Ysidro over the weekend had been deported from the U.S. at least 15...
DNC Workers Sue Democrat Party over Slave Wages No Overtime Pay
by zzyzzx in #hypocrates   3 comments, latest 1 month ago
Dozens of field workers have filed a class action lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee, claiming the party that is pushing employers to pay a $15 minimum wage and...
Illegal alien RAPES 2 year old baby girl! Deported 4 times. But back at least 1 more to rape baby, thanks to democrats.
by zzyzzx in #illegalAlien   9 comments, latest 1 month ago
Providing aid and comfort to the precious illegal aliens that they love so very much. Do they love the baby girl that was so brutally raped? Hardly. Searching google...

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