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Trump Team's Russia Meeting Was Really About Releasing Billions to Corrupt Oligarchs
by BayAreaObserver in #Trump   32 comments, latest 2 days ago
Donald Trump Jr.’s confirmation that he met with a Russian attorney last year in the hope of obtaining damaging information about the Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton opens a window...
Border Patrol union chief praises 'miraculous' drop in illegal immigration under Trump
by zzyzzx in #trump   1 comment, latest 4 days ago
The significant downturn in the number of illegal border crossers between the U.S. and Mexico is "nothing short of miraculous," National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd said on...
How the Bible Belt lost God and found Trump
by BayAreaObserver in #Trump   33 comments, latest 4 days ago
He’s a divorced adulterer who ran a gambling empire, so how did America’s Moral Majority get so evangelical about Donald Trump? I went down to Alabama a few weeks ago...
Inside the minds of Trump's true believers
by BayAreaObserver in #Trump   10 comments, latest 1 week ago
When Donald Trump gave the commencement address at Liberty University this spring, he told the graduates that “America has always been the land of dreams because America is a nation...
Donald Trump Jr., Sub-Master of the Universe by Matt Bai
by BayAreaObserver in #Trump   1 comment, latest 1 week ago
During the years in which Wolfe was serializing “Bonfire” in Rolling Stone, culminating in its publication in 1987, Trump was building a casino empire in Atlantic City, financed largely by...
Australian journalist demolishes Trump at G20: 'biggest threat to the west'
by gsr in #trump   Posted 1 week ago
We've got a straight talker. At least you can't label him a "leftist". #trump #politics >> Australian journalist demolishes Trump at G20: 'biggest threat to the west' Uhlmann said Trump...
Indian IT Firm To Hire 10,000 Americans After Trump Order
by zzyzzx in #trump   11 comments, latest 2 weeks ago
Indian technology company Infosys Ltd. plans to hire more American workers instead of foreign labor in response to the Trump administration’s increased scrutiny of the controversial H-1B visa program....
Hyundai bends knee to Trump
by zzyzzx in #trump   8 comments, latest 3 weeks ago
Hyundai Motor, South Korea's largest carmaker, says it will increase its investment in the US by 50 per cent over the next five years, to $3.1bn, as it seeks...
Only TRUE Trump Fans Will Answer All 7 Of These Questions Correctly
by BayAreaObserver in #Trump   8 comments, latest 3 weeks ago
Some people hate him, some people love him, but everyone has an opinion about President Trump. What about you—are you a Trump fan? Well, you may CALL yourself a Trump...
'Now is not the time to rally', time to stop the rallies and focus on governing
by BayAreaObserver in #Trump   3 comments, latest 1 month ago
An open letter to President Donald Trump upon his return to Cedar Rapids Welcome to Cedar Rapids, Mr. President. The last time you visited us, you were a candidate for...
Jared Kushner And Trump Family Have Given Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars To Democrats
by BayAreaObserver in #Trump   Posted 1 month ago
On Friday, a progressive group started a petition calling on elected Democrats to give up campaign contributions from Jared Kushner and others associated with President Donald Trump’s administration. The petition...
It's All About the Money - Russia, the cover-ups. Everything.
by BayAreaObserver in #Trump   Posted 1 month ago
It simply comes down to money: the Russians, the meetings that mysteriously slipped everyone's minds when they were testifying before Congress or filling out disclosure forms, the vanishing tax returns,...
The Onion Has Obtained Hundreds Of Classified Documents From The Trump White House...
by BayAreaObserver in #Trump   6 comments, latest 2 months ago
The Trump Documents - The Onion has obtained hundreds of documents from an anonymous source within the White House. Latest Updates • What Is Trump Hiding? • Reince Priebus Lays...
Donald Trump Visits Riyadh, Putting Saudi Royals Before American People
by BayAreaObserver in #Trump   20 comments, latest 2 months ago
After once accusing Saudi Arabia of blowing up the World Trade Center, he arrived in Riyadh bearing gifts: $110 billion in arms sales, enhanced aid for Riyadh’s brutal war in...
Christian Trump Supporters Feeling More And More Like Donalds Second Ex-Wife
by BayAreaObserver in #Trump   6 comments, latest 2 months ago
WASHINGTON, DC – With campaign promise after campaign promise falling by the wayside, and the LGBTQ agenda continuing to roll over the culture alongside massive Socialist systems like public schools,...
Nokian Tires to build a plant n the US
by zzyzzx in #trump   2 comments, latest 2 months ago
The new greenfield factory will be located in Dayton (Rhea County), Tennessee, USA. The annual capacity of the factory will be 4 million tires with an expansion potential in...
Military Spending in the Swampland - What Now, What Next ?
by BayAreaObserver in #Trump   5 comments, latest 3 months ago
President Trump has repeatedly boasted of his intentions to drain the Pentagon swamp—as one commentator put it, “taking down the Military-Industrial Complex one tweet at a time”—emphasizing the need to...
Trump and the Pathology of Narcissism
by BayAreaObserver in #Trump   2 comments, latest 3 months ago
Diagnosing the president was off-limits to experts – until a textbook case entered the White House. It's now abundantly clear that Trump's behavior on the campaign trail was not just...
Border wall 'unlikely' to stretch 'from sea to shining sea,' says DHS head
by BayAreaObserver in #Trump   3 comments, latest 3 months ago
It is "unlikely" that the wall along the Southwest border of the United States will stretch "from sea to shining sea," Department of Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly said...
White House Denies Any Ties to United States
by BayAreaObserver in #Trump   Posted 4 months ago
In a fiercely defiant statement on Tuesday, the White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, denied that any member of the White House staff has ever worked “in any way, shape,...
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