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904 University Oaks Blvd, College Station, TX 77840

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leoj707 flagged this data by rbirchtree as incorrect:

As of date = 2011-02-03

Apartment number 95

2 bedrooms

2 bathrooms

Monthly home owner association fee (HOA) is $0

Square feet is

Estimated rent is $0

Asking price is $73900

leoj707, please say what part of that data is incorrect.

rbirchtree, please say why you think that the data is correct.

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Just wondering what the source is here. This address looks like a condo complex, not a SFH:

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Here is the source.

The only not correct is the unit number it should #95

What are the differences between SFH and a condo for this data?

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Thanks for the source. If you do your data entry on this page you can enter the source with your data.

Well, condos are Multi unit properties, so I have been using the Munlit option in the "Type" dropdown.

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