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Michael Steele: Some White Republicans Are 'Scared Of Me'

By 4X follow 4X   2009 Nov 10, 3:08pm 1,533 views   1 comment         share      

Since being elected the first African-American RNC chairman, Michael Steele has gotten into some brief internecine spats for a number of bordering-on-insurgent quips against his party, but his latest might be destined to haunt him forever. And perhaps it's another indication that his heart isn't in the right place and that deep down he might think that he's speaking for the wrong party, even. During a weekend interview, Michael Steele told TV One's Roland Martin that he has experienced fear from other selected members of his party because of the color of his skin. "I mean I've been in the room and they've been scared of me," the RNC chairman said about fellow Republicans.

Isnt this crazy?...no wonder African Americans vote Democratic.


1   elliemae   2009 Nov 10, 10:17pm  

He's just trying to drum up business because no one cares about him.

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