Direct knowledge of vaccine death

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2022 Nov 2, 10:52pm   1,025 views  15 comments

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Has anyone had a direct family, friend. Co worker die from Covid vaccine?

Not you heard about someone. That you attended the funeral and know all about what happened.

There is growing analysis from insurance companies and military and gov databases. But I don’t know one person that died from the vaccine. If so many people are dying, how come I don’t know if one direct death from 5000 kids in a heavily vaxxed school? None at church of 2000, but heavily vaxxed.

While I believe the vaccines are a disaster still, I am pausing and trying to think why no one in my immediate contact has died. I am not wishing death by vax on anyone.

Please let us know your vaxxed dead count here.

Mine is zero. No people indirectly know died out of 5000+ across school, church, profession.

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1   Patrick   2022 Nov 2, 10:56pm  


My wife's former co-worker, healthy and about 35, dropped dead just after the vaxx was introduced to their workplace:


My wife knows of another likely vaxx death, relative of someone she worked with.

Personally, I know that the ex-wife of a friend of mine got myocarditis from the vaxx. I talked to her about it.
2   Onvacation   2022 Nov 2, 11:04pm  

I know two that were vaxxed and died of Covid. One of them not long after the booster. My sister in law "developed" shingles after a dose.
3   Ceffer   2022 Nov 3, 2:08am  

Several in my hood in Santa Cruz died within weeks or months of vax. Some other vaxxers got very sick. My BIL died recently, was vaxxed, but had lobectomy for lung cancer which was successful and was at least ten months post surgery. He had the vax late 2021. He was talking and laughing before going to bed his sister said, and was found dead in bed the next day.

I would attribute that to vax, it's the usual sudden and unexplained death thing. He was 56.

They love to kill with vax because it is a great 'walk away' poison, where death attribution can be denied. Remember, Pharma got that wonderful law where any death occurring within two weeks of the vax could not be counted as a vax death. How self serving of them.
5   FuckTheMainstreamMedia   2022 Nov 3, 5:15am  

By your definition I don’t actually know anyone that died from Covid. In fact the one person who I even have second hand knowledge of, didn’t actually die from Covid. He had a lot of Heath problems. Steroids were used to treat the Covid symptoms(which were quite severe) and his underlying health problems became exacerbated due to the steroids and he then died of complications related to those underlying health issues.

Let me ask you something. How many US children under age 18 died from Covid? Please state the actual number and also express it as a percentage of the population.

Once you do that please state if you believe children under age 18 should take the Covid vaccine and why.

Failure to address these questions in a honest and straightforward manner labels you as a troll.
6   RayAmerica   2022 Nov 3, 7:11am  

Two of my friends both died "suddenly," from what I suspect may have been related to the 'vaccine,' which were mandated by their companies.

The one was 52. The last time we saw him and his wife, he was perfectly fit and appeared healthy. I found out later, that after being vaccinated,
he was experiencing periods of shortness of breath, along with heart palpitations. His visits to his Dr. proved fruitless because the Dr. didn't 'think
it was anything serious.' On a Saturday afternoon, he suddenly collapsed and died. His wife took it so hard that she suffered a brain Aneurysm and
almost died herself. It's been over a year and she is still struggling with the loss of 'the love of her life.'

My other friend was 57, married with two boys. A star athlete when he was young, he remained a very fit individual. Aside from his full-time job, he was a professional physical trainer. The last time I saw him he was mildly complaining about 'not feeling well,' but that his Dr. did not feel that it was 'anything serious.' Several months later, he went to work and 'died suddenly' of a heart attack. His wife was totally stunned.

Just last night, I spoke with a friend that told me about a mutual friend of ours who is a retired RN. She strictly follows a very healthy, plant based diet. In spite of the warnings regarding the EXPERIMENTAL 'vaccine,' which she knew about, she took the jab, and now is experiencing 'very serious immune deficiency' issues. I was told that her situation is extremely serious and 'life threatening.'

Now the mad psychopaths are pushing this poison onto CHILDREN! Nothing other than a global, concerted effort to vastly depopulate the earth. What was that goal that was stated in the Georgia Guide Stones ... something like 500,000,000 ... meaning about 7 BILLION will need to die.
7   Shaman   2022 Nov 3, 7:18am  

We all know people who have died of the jab or are terribly sick because of it. It just isn’t officially classified as that.
My brother in law had two of his best friends who were in his wedding party to my sister die within three weeks of taking the jab. We had a family friend who died suddenly this time last year. His wife wouldn’t say what killed him, but it’s obvious given the timing and the fact that his job would have certainly mandated it.
Our housekeeper’s mother also died suddenly two days post vax. She’s convinced it was from the vax.
And I know two people who had horrible jab injuries that were absolutely debilitating including paralysis, loss of speech, strokes, and POTS.

We will certainly know even more soon… sadly.
8   GNL   2022 Nov 3, 7:30am  

Shaman says

We all know people who have died of the jab or are terribly sick because of it.

Not me.
9   Robert Sproul   2022 Nov 3, 7:34am  

Sudden Adult Death from the Vax is all speculative without an autopsy and nobody does a targeted autopsy. My friend that died inexplicably, dropped stone dead at the kitchen sink, was not autopsied and his brother is left regretting not springing for it. I think it is difficult to focus and be prepared to pay-up for the 'service' when you are in the middle of the shock of a sudden death.
10   SoTex   2022 Nov 3, 7:55am  

My cousin-in-law died about 6hrs after the first jab, about 35years old. Bay area hospital refused to report it to VAERS. Another cousin-in-law had a stroke mid-40s, I can't pin that one on the jab but I'm nearly certain. Survived.
11   ElYorsh   2022 Nov 3, 8:28am  

Childhood friend's dad died of a heart attack 1 month after the vaxx. Yes he was in his 70's, but he never had any heart problems, lived a very chill semi-retired stress free life, was in great shape and had recently received good check marks at his last Dr's visit.
12   Eman   2022 Nov 3, 8:29am  

“Almost” my MIL died suddenly in July of this year. She was totally fine the night before. Went to the bathroom at 2am in the morning. Collapsed. Her hubby heard the noise and called 911. They took her to the hospital, but she was gone. Just like that.

Cause of death? Heart failure. Due to Vaccine? Booster? We’ll never know. I kept my mouth shut.
13   Eman   2022 Nov 3, 8:35am  

Some Norway doctor is sounding the alarm on the increase in deaths. Fake news? 🤷‍♂️

14   mell   2022 Nov 3, 8:58am  

We know one who got severely injured and plenty who had mild-to-moderate side effects for days/weeks. I think the 1 in 5000 is pretty accurate for acute maiming and deaths, which explains why not everyone knows someone. However that does not include mid to long term deaths from other harmful side effects and immune dysfunction. Subclinical aka "mild" myocarditis / increase in troponin or an increase in other inflammatory markers and other chronic side effects are likely present in as many as 1 in 30, but that does not translate into immediate maimings or deaths. 1 in 5000 at currently roughly 620000000 doses given in the US would translate in to roughly 125000 maimings/deaths - that's crazy! And none of those shots provides any protection against covid, in fact it makes it worse after a while. If you add on those that develop severe illness or maimings/deaths after the short period has passed where it will be attributed to the jab, you could easily reach double, triple or quadruple that number. No jab ever has been that deadly
15   stereotomy   2022 Nov 3, 9:20am  

Eman says

Some Norway doctor is sounding the alarm on the increase in deaths. Fake news? 🤷‍♂️


Of course it's fake news - it doesn't support the WEF/WHO/Fauci/NSA/FBI/Chicom narrative.

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