What I Won't Forget

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What I won’t forget:

How they said it would be two weeks.

How they shut down churches but kept abortion clinics and weed stores open.

How Canadian pastors were arrested.

How doctors in lab coats knelt to mobs of rioters while ppl weren’t allowed to visit their loved ones.

How a criminal had four funerals while others weren’t allowed to bury their dead.

How cities were destroyed while the people sworn to uphold our Constitution cheered on the destruction.

How the CHAZ was called a “summer of love” but the trucker convoy was called terrorism.

How Kamala petitioned for bail for the terrorists destroying small businesses in Minneapolis.

How dirty DAs in Portland released vandals and arsonists night after night for over 100 nights.

How San Francisco and Seattle have devolved into living hells of drugs and filth.

How children have worn useless cloth masks for two years, delaying their development and causing physical harm, and some leaders and pastors can’t be bothered to say this was wrong.

How Francis Collins and Anthony Fauci betrayed the American people and are still called heroes.

How thousands of people lost their jobs over a therapy that doesn’t even prevent infection or transmission.

How people who resisted this therapeutic intervention have been demonized and dehumanized.

How many of my fellow countrymen would cheer if I died.

How ppl in cities were cut off from society if they wouldn’t show their health papers — and this was seen as righteous and good by all the experts and many of our fellow countrymen.

How children sat in front of screens for months and we called it “school.”

How Joe Biden has threatened, bullied, castigated, and demonized his citizens while claiming to be a “decent guy” and a “uniter” compared to the other guy.

How dementia patients died alone in nursing homes after already having recovered from Covid.

How people were denied safe, effective treatments because those treatments had been politicized, and they died on ventilators apart from their families.

How parks and hiking trails were shut down and police stationed there to keep families away.

How people fled blue states.

How thousands of employees have been forced to sit through brainless trainings that make them feel divided from their fellow countrymen on account of skin color.

How public school children have been groomed into gender confusion.

How 13yo girls have had their breasts removed.

How billionaires and politicians were involved with a man who trafficked children for sex, how he mysteriously died in prison, and none of them will ever be prosecuted, but…

blue collar ppl were arrested and had their assets frozen for peacefully protesting govt overreach.

How overdoses have increased ~30% this year.

How some governors still won’t relinquish emergency powers.

How we’ve been conditioned to view freedom as selfish.

How speaking against the establishment may cost your job or reputation — this in a “free” country.

Our government and other establishment voices would like to sweep all this under the rug.

The have been disastrously, fatally wrong. Don’t forget.

And now they want "amnesty".

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24   richwicks   2022 Jun 27, 9:00am  

1337irr says

I'm curious how Disney's Buzz Lightyear will do...


They are trying to shame audiences into paying for their stupid shit by saying that it's being boycott due to a gay kiss. It's just a shitty film, that has a gay kiss in it.

I think, at this point, and for the purpose of destroying the industry, everybody should be demanding more GHEEEEEEEY in CHILDREN'S films. People should demand more people in ball gags, and assless chaps, there are no trannies in feature length children's cartoons, we need that! And what about the poor furries? I mean, 1/2 of them were created by Disney, where's THEIR representation?


It's been many years where adults have been complaining about this shit, over a decade and they decided to instead to enact "a not so secret gay agenda" - fine - encourage them to the guillotine of bankruptcy. I say push them to make more of this junk because they will anyhow. They're not going to stop, so accelerate their destruction.
25   richwicks   2022 Jun 27, 9:13am  

Patrick says

I'm not going to forget that Safeway is pushing the dangerous and ineffective jab on children right now. A safeway email forwarded by a friend:

I'll make a recommendation for everybody:

Shop at a small local shop. There's a ton of Indian places around me, their produce is cheaper, I do like beans and those are super cheap - rice is superior to anything you can buy at an American supermarket (but it MUST be washed, Indian rice is not clean, you have to rinse it in a colander or sieve) their produce isn't year round, but it's cheaper and it's often local.

If you have to buy something out of a BOX, CAN, or BOTTLE, then Safeway is fine, but if you want to buy food, go to a local grocery.

When I see Indians at Safeway I'm always tempted to ask them what the hell they are doing there. I'm there to buy beer. They're buying Indian spices and cans of food. I'd NEVER buy Indian anything (or Mexican) at Safeway. Inferior quality and higher prices, because nobody in their right mind buys that sort of food from Safeway.
26   WookieMan   2022 Jun 27, 9:36am  

richwicks says

When I see Indians at Safeway I'm always tempted to ask them what the hell they are doing there. I'm there to buy beer. They're buying Indian spices and cans of food. I'd NEVER buy Indian anything (or Mexican) at Safeway. Inferior quality and higher prices, because nobody in their right mind buys that sort of food from Safeway.

Most Americans are afraid to go to those markets because they tend to be in "edgier" feeling neighborhoods. I love them. Had some great ones on the SW side of Chicago that I'd frequent (Mexican). Authentic Mexican is the bomb. Pissed my kids won't eat it, so we rarely get to those markets or restaurants in our area. Lots of Mexicans and Puerto Ricans in the Chicago region. Puerto Rican food is awesome too.

Definitely less processed foods at those places. Now I'm hungry.... Pool party tomorrow. Might hit up the Mexican market near me and make some tacos or something. Neighbor had a graduation party and they had a Mexican taco truck that was actually pretty good.

Best BBQ you can get state side is in the ghetto. You legit do have to worry about a stray bullet though in most those locations. South side of Chicago has some top notch BBQ. Hole in the wall type places with plexiglass at the counter. We have a great place in town for BBQ, but they SUCK at staffing the place. Food is good, orders are wrong 90% of the time.
27   richwicks   2022 Jun 27, 10:18am  

WookieMan says

Best BBQ you can get state side is in the ghetto. You legit do have to worry about a stray bullet though in most those locations. South side of Chicago has some top notch BBQ. Hole in the wall type places with plexiglass at the counter. We have a great place in town for BBQ, but they SUCK at staffing the place. Food is good, orders are wrong 90% of the time.

You get the best damned food at a restaurant in a dodgy area. This is because the place doesn't survive on the atmosphere and quality of the dining experience, they survive because their food is so goddamned good.

True of supermarkets as well.

You're at a money laundering front when the product is crap and you're in a dodgy area.
28   Patrick   2022 Jul 28, 2:17pm  


Simply put, if the people who orchestrated the disgraceful COVID theater of the last 3 years aren't shamed and chased from public office, no lesson will be learned, and the public will continue to get more of the same. We owe ourselves, our children, and the world a better future than that.
30   Patrick   2022 Aug 1, 5:08pm  


The earliest reported infection, discovered in a preserved nasopharyngeal sample of a 4 year-old boy, happened before 21 November 2019 – in Milan (MI). By November at the latest, we can be confident that the virus was circulating in Milan. By the time of this map, though, the hot spots all appear to be in a roughly equidistant ring around Milan. By the end of February, the only places the virus is still accelerating, is in the still further outlying regions – places like Como, Mantova and Sondrio. It looks for all the world like the virus had burned through Milan without anybody noticing at all, and when the Tomas Pueyos of the world descended upon us with their mass testing and their lockdowns, they were a few months too late. The hotspots they found were secondary infection sites at best.

By the time pandemicists started rooting through their bag of tricks, the virus had been circulating for months with nobody noticing.

No one would even have noticed the "pandemic" if there were not money to be made and power to be grabbed.
31   Patrick   2022 Aug 7, 1:28pm  


Sgt. Pilfer's Broken Hearts Club Band
We hope you have enjoyed the show. We're sorry but it's time to go.

Is humanity waking up yet?

... But these civilizational alarms can’t be selected or shut off. Only the snooze button gets pressed by a snoozing population, awaiting the next alarms. The mechanistic droning sounds grind into the frequencies of the natural order, screaming that all is not well. The already wakened vigorously shake the comatose, still trapped in the matrix.

The digital honking gets triggered every time a report of sudden death or new case of child maiming leaks past the official censors, and a big pharma executive gets his wings, along with a new Boston brownstone and Porsche Panamera with forward collision warning and lane-keeping assist to make sure his children are never maimed.

A mother takes her daughter to the cardiologist where she is one of the many unlucky children under 17 in the United States to be diagnosed with myocarditis. Their private school requires proof of “vaccination” for continued attendance, and now she has the privilege of attending with heart medication in her pocket.

A Canadian father reads a few words to a gathering of family and friends at his teenage son’s wake. After a year of lockdown and social isolation his son wanted to join the local hockey league and play again. They required proof of “vaccination” to play hockey.

These stories of maiming and slaughtering children that make it past the official censors are heartbreaking. Sacrificing children to Big Pharma so they can be legally immunized against any culpability for maiming and killing millions has to be the last straw for humanity.

... Not all doctors took the loot. A few with integrity and courage told the truth and continue to awaken the misinformed masses. They get labeled as “conspiracy theorists” and “anti-vaxxers”, even if it includes the most published cardiologist alive.

... The doctors and “experts” and government criminals would have achieved nothing without the dedicated help of the corporate media machine. They are as responsible for the fast and slow deaths of millions. Plausible deniability will not suffice as an alibi, in the absence of a modicum of curiosity and rudimentary investigation. Their dedicated suppression of the truth, pushing of blatant lies and propaganda, and omission of facts make them as culpable as any health bureaucrat or psycho oligarch.

... But who really wants to acknowledge they made a grave error in judgment that risked their lives and the lives of their children? The guilt and regret of facing such a reality must be worse than death. Surely big pharma has a pill for such pain.

Their arrogance and hubris prevent them from seeing beyond the pile of skulls they have assembled because on the distant horizon the forces of retribution are gathering beneath the storm clouds of revenge. Humanity is slowly awakening, and soon will not be content with hitting the snooze button once again.

All those broken hearts will need mending, and left with few alternatives more desirable, they will summon the new conquistadors of The Great Awakening to square up against the psychopathic social engineers responsible for the Malthusian sacrificial suffering underway. And they will stand before them in judgment, glare into their dead eyes and tell them without hesitation or mercy…

“We hope that you enjoyed the show, but it’s time to go. We are here to do to you what you have done to us for decades: Pilfer your gold, and slaughter every last one of you.”
34   Patrick   2022 Aug 13, 3:51pm  


35   BayArea   2022 Aug 13, 7:42pm  

Patrick says



Ya, was definitely longer than weeks! More like 1-1.5yrs
36   BayArea   2022 Aug 14, 6:57am  

I agree with all the original post points.

But to be fair, if you were in the right industry and you were investing, many saw their best financial years of their life (while others had their worst)

I know some people in tech whose net worth doubled during the pandemic.

Additionally, I got to see more of my young kids than I would ever have if life just continued as normal from March 2020.

Some great things happened as well for many people. Of course I recognize that others had their lives severely impacted the other way.

The book is still being written and the narrative and beneficiaries can flip at anytime.
37   stereotomy   2022 Aug 14, 7:21am  

I will never forgive the doctors, unelected bureaucrats, school boards, and politicians. Nor will I forgive the Karens and the maskholes.

I will forgive my brother and his family if they admit that they were wrong, so it's up to them, not me. Then again, that happening is as good as a snowflake's chance in hell.

"I wouldn't piss in your mouth if you were dying of thirst!"
38   WookieMan   2022 Aug 14, 7:40am  

BayArea says

Ya, was definitely longer than weeks! More like 1-1.5yrs

I think we missed two semesters in person. It was kind of nice for us as we still traveled and well remote learning can be remote. So we traveled a lot. We did parent teacher conferences on St. John one of the years. Teachers were jealous AF. It was also cheap AF. Don't think we'll see rates on resorts and flights like that again. $2,200 for a 2 bed, 2 bath at the Westin on St. John. Fuck me, good luck getting anything close to that rate now. Probably 5k now. We went in prime season too.
39   Patrick   2022 Aug 14, 1:48pm  

Prof Shmuel C. Shapira MD MPH
"The past not only changed, but changed continuously"
G. Orwell, 1984
I warned you document.
42   RedStar   2022 Aug 15, 12:00pm  

Patrick says

I personally know almost a dozen people who lost their jobs over this.
43   WookieMan   2022 Aug 15, 12:28pm  

Patrick says

How they shut down churches but kept abortion clinics and weed stores open.

Too lazy to read if I commented about this.

In IL they did shut down recreational for a while and only medical. Which I'm okay with. When they reopened recreational is was all the social distancing stickers on the ground and shit. What a complete waste of time. As advance as we are it will go down as a top 10 moronic time in human history. May top 3 and I'm including wars.

Abortion and religion don't really move me either way. I get that point and I think abortion is bad, but I'd have 3-4 more kids without it.... put it that way. And not MY wife, my SIL who can't care for even one and had 3 abortions. Early term, not that that's better.
44   Patrick   2022 Aug 15, 12:50pm  


Never Forget the Broken Promise
Vaccines were supposed to prevent transmission. The experts told us that. It's important to never forget the dismal failure of negative efficacy.
49   Patrick   2022 Aug 29, 8:31am  


Here is who is to blame…

Dr. Fauci gets 100% of the blame. He knew. He conned the nation, long after he knew the vaccine didn’t work…long after he saw the CDC-compiled VAERS list of deaths and injuries from the vaccine piling up…long after he saw the vaccine trial evidence that volunteers in the trial died…volunteers were injured…volunteers were crippled…volunteers were disabled…and pregnant mothers lost their babies at an alarming rate. Yet Fauci covered it all up. Worse, he encouraged more Americans to get the vaccine, knowing the terrible side effects of this tragic experiment gone bad.

The CDC and WHO get 100% of the blame. They knew everything Dr. Fauci knew. Yet they pushed the vaccines. And then later, after everyone with a brain saw the death toll, they recommended these death shots for children. These organizations are guilty of mass murder on a scale not seen since WWII.

Biden and the Biden administration get 100% of the blame. They certainly knew about the rising death and injury numbers by March of 2021 when Biden gave the orders to OSHA to mandate the jabs at every large corporation in America. They condemned millions of American employees to risk death or terrible injury.

Advertisement - story continues below

The media is 100% to blame. They are the PR wing of the Democrat Party. They covered up this entire massive tragedy. This is the biggest healthcare debacle in world history. And the media has covered it all up, blacked it out, whitewashed it. Oops.

The whole mainstream media sold out- even Fox News and Newsmax. I’m guessing the biggest conservative talk radio syndicators sold out too. They all took millions to shut up. They agreed no host, or guest could tell the truth about vaccine deaths or injuries. They took blood money. They sold out all of YOU – their own customers.

Doctors across America are 100% to blame. They knew. They saw their patients dying. But they were too greedy, or scared of losing their license to speak out. The doctors played dumb. They were sheep. They accepted the lies of the CDC, WHO, FDA and AMA without asking any questions. They call that “science.”

And of course, Big Pharma and the vaccine manufacturers are 100% to blame. They knew from day one. They saw the vaccine trial results. They buried the tragic and deadly results. They demanded complete 100% immunity from lawsuits. Then they demanded the vaccine trial results be kept secret for 75 years. Now we understand why.

And then there’s President Trump. The man Democrats want to stop at all costs. The frontrunner for the 2024 presidential election. The man they’ve tried to destroy since the day he announced for president. The man they illegally spied on. The man they’ve tried to frame so many times I’ve lost count. And now they want to frame him for the Covid vaccine gone wrong.

It won’t work. Trump was the CEO of America. He’s not a doctor, scientist, or medical expert. He was lied to by Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, the CDC, FDA and a bunch of evil, greedy Big Pharma executives. Trump was defrauded just like the rest of us.

Trump does deserve blame for every day he delays in telling the truth about the murderous vaxx.

He should have told the truth about it as soon as it was clear to everyone, but he somehow still thinks he deserves "credit" for directing the production of that mass murder weapon used against Americans and the reset of the world for the profit of Pfizer.
50   Patrick   2022 Aug 29, 9:48am  


It remains for Mr. Trump to renounce his support for the evil fruits of the Warp Speed operation he presided over. He must face the fact that he was played, and he may be forgiven, considering all the evidence coming recently from the likes of Deborah Birx and others that he was lied to and manipulated. But he doesn’t have much more time to get it right, or else his political career will be over well before the 2024 election. That may be all for the better. America probably needs a clean sweep of our desecrated political landscape. All in all, Mr. Trump was a good soldier, brave and resolute under tremendous adversity, but he’s not the only one who can lead our country back to itself.
52   FortwayeAsFuckJoeBiden   2022 Aug 31, 6:52pm  

cancel culture that still scares half the country
53   Patrick   2022 Sep 6, 10:39am  


The Experience of Forced Masking from a Child's Perspective
What was done to children is eternally unforgiveable
54   Patrick   2022 Sep 12, 7:53am  


Thank you FDNY Capt. Fogarty for heroically expressing what so many of us have wanted to say

55   Tenpoundbass   2022 Sep 12, 8:22am  

Historical useful idiots, always get their comeuppance.
56   Patrick   2022 Sep 23, 11:55am  


The “Joe Biden” regime has already done enough to hurtle the USA and the rest of Western Civ into a new dark age. The nations of the EU have no idea how they will conduct economic activity without the cheap Russian natgas they used to depend on. They are about to get a harsh lesson on the realistic limits of “green energy” they’ve been prattling about for years. So far, it doesn’t look good for them. A few more months of this and the populace from Riga to Lisbon will be stringing up whole parliaments from the boulevard light standards.

Even if “Joe Biden” doesn’t go for the ashtray option, consider the $350-trillion in leveraged financial derivatives orbiting high above the scene like a numberless fleet of death stars primed to blow at the next interest rate uptick. The Euroland stock markets are already tanking hard as I write at 8:30 EDT today. US futures indicate a week-ending bloodbath on Wall Street. This is nature’s way of registering its no-confidence vote in “Joe Biden’s” management of our affairs. All this is on top of the sucking chest wound that Washington DC has become — the necrotic corruption of every agency, the gathering “vaccine” holocaust, the indecent firehose of lies from high places, the Gestapo sleaze of the DOJ/FBI nexus, and the astounding new twists in officially-promoted sexual degeneracy revealed in our schools and hospitals.

Not to put too fine a point on it: the shit has already hit the fan. We are where we were going. If you truly believe those 2020 national election results, then this is what you voted for, America. Feeling any buyer’s remorse yet? Got the feeling that something must be done? Okay then, what?
58   Ceffer   2022 Sep 26, 11:21am  

Perhaps an unintended consequence against the Globalists is that their resource starvation from the sanctions will put in stark relief the enormous fraud of Global Warming and Green (designed to fail) energy. If you are shivering in your European cellar, you might get the idea that the NWO and the WEF can stuff their solar panels up their asses.
59   stereotomy   2022 Sep 26, 11:23am  

Patrick says

I'll trade blow for blow with that Carville fuck. Game on.
60   Patrick   2022 Sep 28, 2:51pm  


Sep 27
Here is the most recent "forgotten past" thing.

Do you guys remember when doctors were prestigious, respected and widely trusted by nearly the entire public?

Wasn't long ago at all. Now a significant percent loathe and fear them and won't go for routine visits.

Whitney Webb
Sep 27
I was pregnant and gave birth while the vaccine rollout was happening and at every stage, including when my son was 2 months old, was bullied and threatened by doctors in both the UK and Chile to take it. At one point I had to lie to avoid medical kidnap of my child.
Sep 27, 2022 · 9:03 PM UTC · Twitter Web App

Sep 27
Probably a permanent loss of status similar to what happened to lawyers at some point in the later 20th century.

The loss of prestige was happening slowly, and then it happened really fast.

But if you run your mind back just a little further, genuinely hard to recall just how respected they were in 1990 or even 2000.

I think the first big crack in the wall was actually diet.

Millions of people discovered that their supposedly incurable metabolic problems were curable by internet bro diet advice.

The same advice many doctors are still calling unsafe or ignoring.
61   mell   2022 Sep 28, 3:10pm  

We had to tell the kaiser fags/cunts to shove it as they were pushing the mrna clot shot during pregnancy and instantly after birth at every opportunity. Worse and more menacing than a used car salesman, even worse than a realtor. Maybe they were pressured to or promised monetary compensation, it was surreal
62   GNL   2022 Sep 28, 4:18pm  

mell says

We had to tell the kaiser fags/cunts to shove it as they were pushing the mrna clot shot during pregnancy and instantly after birth at every opportunity.

Your wife had a baby during Covid?
63   mell   2022 Sep 28, 4:50pm  

GNL says

mell says

We had to tell the kaiser fags/cunts to shove it as they were pushing the mrna clot shot during pregnancy and instantly after birth at every opportunity.

Your wife had a baby during Covid?

Yeah. And he caught the coof from me at 3 months. Natural immunity ftw

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