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Substack Under Attack

By Patrick follow Patrick   2022 Jan 27, 6:47pm 103 views   3 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share      


The Center for Countering Digital Hate appears to be coordinating a broader pressure campaign against Substack for platforming "anti-vaccine figures."

I am pleased to announce that my humble blog has been featured in the Guardian, alongside Berenson, Malone and others. It’s an obvious pressure campaign on Substack, coordinated with the Washington Post attacks against Alex Berenson. There’s a lot of hand-wringing and speculation about earnings, and even a direct link to my piece on Maximum Vaccination, where – they complain – I state that “vaccines don’t suppress case rates at all.” Very out-there, as claims go, I know.

The red line marks 26 December 2020, the start of mass vaccination in Germany.
The Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), “an international not-for-profit NGO that seeks to disrupt the architecture of online hate and misinformation” appears to be behind the effort. From the article:

Imran Ahmed, chief executive of CCDH, said companies like Substack were under “no obligation” to amplify vaccine scepticism and make money from it. “They could just say no. This isn’t about freedom; this is about profiting from lies … Substack should immediately stop profiting from medical misinformation that can seriously harm readers.”

I think Substack will hold firm, but you can always find me on Telegram, if my blog disappears here. But, I’ve also backed up the entire subscriber list, and I will keep writing in any case.

Nowadays, telling the truth is called "hate". But it's not. It's just truth.
1   Karloff   2022 Jan 27, 7:08pm  

"Big Tech has no obligation to give you a platform. If they kicked you out, go build your own!"

Builds own...

"NOoooOOO!!!!!11! You must be shut down and silenced, heretic!"

This is why you don't run from commies. You must stand and fight, or they will eventually corner you.
2   Patrick   2022 Jan 27, 9:29pm  


The Folly of Pandemic Censorship
As the latest anti-Substack campaign shows, more and more people are forgetting why free speech works
Matt Taibbi

Censors have a fantasy that if they get rid of all the Berensons and Mercolas and Malones, and rein in people like Joe Rogan, that all the holdouts will suddenly rush to get vaccinated. The opposite is true. If you wipe out critics, people will immediately default to higher levels of suspicion. They will now be sure there’s something wrong with the vaccine. If you want to convince audiences, you have to allow everyone to talk, even the ones you disagree with. You have to make a better case. The Substack people, thank God, still get this, but the censor’s disease of thinking there are shortcuts to trust is spreading. ...
3   Patrick   2022 Jan 28, 6:40pm  


I don’t think Substack will give in to the hate brigade anytime soon. Their business model depends on subscribers, and a great deal of censorship is driven by advertisers. Also, Chelsea Clinton retweets aside, they’re not exactly sending their best.

Nevertheless, I’ve gotten a lot of advice, and I wanted to send a brief update about contingency plans. I’ve registered the domain eugyppius.com. Right now, https://www.eugyppius.com/?source=patrick.net points to my Substack, but if anything happens to my presence here, that same URL will take you to my new home instead. I want to stay at Substack as long as they’ll have me, because there’s a good community of like-minded people on this website, and it’s here that most of you found me. If I do get kicked, though, I own (and regularly export) my entire subscriber list. It’s a simple matter to take that to an alternative platform like Ghost, and everything will continue as before. For most of you it will be seamless, except the emails and the website will be formatted a little differently. If things get even darker, I can arrange my own hosting and run my own website, and I’m in touch with smart people who have other ideas too. I will never stop posting.

Jack Winogrodzki8 hr agoLiked by eugyppius
That we are even having this conversation in a Western democracy shows just how low things have got in the last two years.


Danielle Celani7 hr ago
I just said the same thing to my 16 year old. She made the smart comment, “ They’ve been conditioning us for years, Mom. I’m not surprised. “ Heartbreakingly true…


Martha7 hr ago
Your teenager is very wise!


cathietheconservative6 hr ago
Wow! What a wise and rare 16 year old! Good job mom!


HardeeHo6 hr ago
Refreshing. Good for her. Gives me hope the younger generation is aware of being manipulated.


MagnospiraWrites My Bacteria ·7 hr ago
Love this answer! Very smart!!


Michele6 hr ago
Great kid!


Cherry Ames5 hr ago
She is an old soul.


Pepperwood3 hr ago
No no, the kids get it. It’s elders who don’t. Zero teenagers are turning on CNN, ABC, going to the NYT or WaPo. The teens realize they are getting screwed. IME anyway


I know the hate brigade all too well. I also will never stop posting. In fact, I am positively energized by each new threat.

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