Church of globull warming and drought fully spiraling down the toilet

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Remember when this winter started with good rains in.the west all these articles by climate "scientists" and globahomo agitprop "news" corporations about how this will be a dry winter for the drought stricken west despite initial rains. Fuck you moron sell-outs, this will go down as one of the wettest winters in recent history in the west. Reservoirs should be full to the brim but I'm sure politicians made sure there is enough drainage and poor planning so they can keep promoting state of emergencies and fuck over their constituents.

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792   Patrick   2024 Jun 5, 4:53pm  


The European Space Agency even puts sensors on planes. With 40 million flights per year, tracked by radar and monitored by satellite, and reported by pilots as well, if there were trends in clear air turbulence on passenger planes, there would be a mountain of data, and we’d hear all about it. Instead all they have are modeled guesstimates and slightly worse conditions over the North Atlantic.

793   Patrick   2024 Jun 5, 7:21pm  


Carbon dioxide and a warming climate are not problems
Andy May, Marcel Crok
First published: 29 May 2024

... Observations show no increase in damage or any danger to humanity today due to extreme weather or global warming (Crok & May, 2023, pp. 140–161; Scafetta, 2024). Climate change mitigation, according to AR6, means curtailing the use of fossil fuels, even though fossil fuels are still abundant and inexpensive. Since the current climate is arguably better than the pre-industrial climate and we have observed no increase in extreme weather or climate mortality, we conclude that we can plan to adapt to any future changes. Until a danger is identified, there is no need to eliminate fossil fuel use.
794   Patrick   2024 Jun 6, 3:25pm  


Further analysis of data from Berkeley Earth clearly indicates that climate change in the period 1860 to 2020 is driven by the sun ...

This analysis provides further evidence that it is solar activity that is the dominant driver of the climate change seen during the period 1860 to 2020. The “fingerprint”, trend and influence of the 11 year solar cycle activity is obvious (Fig 1) and the monthly temperature anomaly variations (Fig 2 a & b) are clear evidence that the sun’s cycles and orientation are highly influential. My previous article highlighted the temperature changes over the entire period as attributable to the Milankovitch cycles. I had failed to identify that there are other solar cycles, specifically the 11 year cycle. The hypothesis offered by Professor Henrik Svensmark offers a plausible explanation of why these solar cycles are a key component of climate change. Factors that impact short term trends of the earth’s climate are probably far more complex than identified here.

In conducting a literature search on this subject, I came across an article from a NASA climate modeller (6). This article highlighted the various failures to find evidence in the temperature record of the 11 year solar cycles. Consequently, anthropogenic global warming was alive and well. Well, it turns out the solar cycle signal was loud and clear as they were just looking in the wrong way and the wrong place.

The good news for mankind is that the impact of carbon dioxide at the current levels, and therefore the burning of fossil fuels appears to be almost “nett zero”.
796   The_Deplorable   2024 Jun 6, 5:30pm  

Where is Klaus Schwab?

797   Patrick   2024 Jun 12, 9:49am  


A collection of 85-year-old photographs reveal “growth and stability” of the East Antarctic ice sheet.
798   Patrick   2024 Jun 12, 1:05pm  


In case you were wondering, since the temperature hasn’t been getting much coverage this summer, overall June has been cooler than last year. The Telegraph ran a muted story yesterday headlined, “June temperatures at half the level of this time last year.” They were hoping for something much hotter.

799   Patrick   2024 Jun 14, 3:39pm  


The extreme weather is creating fertile ground for theories about the cause, since nobody’s offering a coherent explanation. Of course, they keep barking “climate,” but they aren’t even trying anymore to attach logic to the claim. I found the best example yet of what passes for science these days in one of the articles I reviewed:

See? No evidence, no problem! That is, so long as your theory is an approved narrative. So just remember to use the probable explanation exception the next time somebody tells you there was “no evidence” of widescale cheating in the 2020 elections.
800   Patrick   2024 Jun 15, 11:21am  


A similar pattern over time is exhibited by contemporaneous number of geophysical disasters – volcanoes, earthquakes, dry landslides – which, by their nature, are not significantly influenced by climate or anthropogenic factors. We conclude that the patterns observed are largely attributable to progressively better reporting of natural disaster events, with the EM-DAT dataset now regarded as relatively complete since ∼2000. The above result sits in marked contradiction to earlier analyses by two UN bodies (FAO andUNDRR), which predicts an increasing number of natural disasters and impacts in concert with global warming. Our analyses strongly refute this assertion as well as extrapolations published by UNDRR based on this claim.
802   Patrick   2024 Jun 18, 11:43am  


The Mirror goes mega-viral for saying UK will be “blasted” by 78°F “heatwave”
805   WookieMan   2024 Jun 19, 5:18am  

Whatever. I like the heat. 92ºF today here. 82% humidity. 69º dew point. I'm wearing long sleeves and pants. Crops are growing faster than I've ever seen. I really don't see the problem. So I sweat when I'm outside. The horror. As long as EV's don't drain the power grid, I'll have an air conditioned house I can cool off in or workplace. Generally safe in IL with the amount of nukes we have providing power.
810   DemocratsAreTotallyFucked   2024 Jun 21, 3:49pm  

Just 4 percent of voters attach enough priority to climate change issues to be described as “climate-first” voters, dwarfed by the ranks of voters most concerned about lowering costs and reducing inflation. This mighty 4 percent of voters supports Biden by 96 points (!), a margin that would have made a Soviet Politburo candidate happy back in the day. Doesn’t seem like these voters, unlike the economy-first voters, are really in play.

No wonder Trump thinks he can effectively slam Biden and the Democrats on their climate change approach. They are leaning into an issue and devoting considerable resources to a cause that is fundamentally boutique in nature. Sentiment about electric vehicles has been trending negative and most in the working class now say they would not even consider buying one. Voters are strongly opposed to measures and regulations that would limit the future availability of gasoline-powered cars. And somewhat cluelessly the Biden administration has recently doubled down on doing just that.

Voters of course hate being told what car they must drive, how they must heat their homes, cook their food, etc. And they really, really hate high prices. Rather than fighting climate change, their strong preference is for cheap, reliable, abundant energy. No wonder that, when asked whether they would support paying something extra on their monthly utility bill to combat climate change, working-class voters opposed even paying an extra one dollar. And if the toll was raised to $10, these voters were opposed by a massive 38 points.

Above all, Democrats should keep in mind the “iron law of climate policy” as originally articulated by Roger Pielke Jr: When policies focused on economic growth and the cost-of-living confront policies focused on emissions reductions, it is economic growth and the cost-of-living that will win out every time.

The U.S. is an all-of-the-above energy superpower! But Biden and the Democrats never talk about that. Maybe they should. Greenlash is here and coming for them, unless they change course and unapologetically connect to the concerns of ordinary voters, rather than to the tiny group of climate-first voters. Carrying those voters by 96 points will be cold comfort if Trump rides the massive group of economy-first voters into the White House. And right now that looks very possible.

813   SoTex   2024 Jun 23, 4:13pm  

I just spent a lazy afternoon debating tards in Maui. I use Nextdoor to keep track of my condo out there.

They were ecstatic about this: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/article/2024/jun/20/hawaii-youth-climate-activists-win

I don't think I convinced anyone, managed to get blocked by those I'd prefer block me and between myself and others we ratioed the hell out of them.

This thread is a great resource where I pulled a lot (not all) of info from.

In particular Climate - The Movie that @UkraineIsTotallyFucked, that movie is well done!
816   stereotomy   2024 Jun 26, 4:39pm  

UkraineIsTotallyFucked says

Bwhaa- haaa-haaa. That's right - stop burning coal -> less sulphur particles in the upper atmosphere -> lower albedo -> greater surface insolation -> global warming.
817   RWSGFY   2024 Jun 26, 6:29pm  

stereotomy says

UkraineIsTotallyFucked says

Bwhaa- haaa-haaa. That's right - stop burning coal -> less sulphur particles in the upper atmosphere -> lower albedo -> greater surface insolation -> global warming.

Same with less flying.
818   RWSGFY   2024 Jun 26, 7:27pm  


stereotomy says

UkraineIsTotallyFucked says

Bwhaa- haaa-haaa. That's right - stop burning coal -> less sulphur particles in the upper atmosphere -> lower albedo -> greater surface insolation -> global warming.

Same with less flying.

Same with less shipping pollution:

820   DemocratsAreTotallyFucked   2024 Jun 29, 4:34pm  

It's like trying to create a no pissing zone in a public pool.

828   Patrick   2024 Jul 11, 8:28am  


This does sound like Trump spelling out his opposition to the globalist scum:

And this is why CNN instructs everyone to hate Trump.
830   AmericanKulak   2024 Jul 13, 2:13pm  

Science Writers never heard of "Evaporation" or "Water Cycle"

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