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Update On The Democrats' Civil War

By HunterTits follow HunterTits   2021 Oct 27, 2:22pm 145 views   4 comments         share      

And as originally posted in May The Demtard Civil War Be Bloody & Long, deadlines have come and gone and the Dems are still fighting it out:


(with a repeat of the gif in the original since it makes people think it is an animation of a girl going down on some guy at first -- especially in the articles list view)

1   Eric Holder   2021 Oct 27, 2:31pm  


Let's go, Brandon!
2   HunterTits   2021 Oct 27, 3:38pm  

....and the Corporate Democrats just fucked over Family Leave in their own Socialist bill. Shit is hitting the fan.

And don't waste this thread trashing Cenk. He's actually fulfilling his ecological function as a progressive rabble rowser here, despite how you can't stand him otherwise. Besides, I trolled his tweets with shit to get more libtards pissed off of this. Couldn't have done that without him. :)

3   RWSGFY   2021 Oct 27, 4:05pm  

It's Scott Adams who said it first mere days after the election that US will be ruled by one donkey senator, most probably Joe Manchin.=))
4   Ceffer   2021 Oct 27, 4:48pm  

How come IHLlary hasn't beaten Manchin to death on the floor of Congress with a baseball bat studded with nails, with Obama lifting her hem?

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