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There's Been a Massive 'Censorship Fail' of Banned 'Let's Go Brandon' Song

By HunterTits follow HunterTits   2021 Oct 27, 1:08pm 349 views   23 comments         share      


2   Patrick   2021 Oct 27, 1:44pm  

One more time now!

original link
3   HunterTits   2021 Oct 27, 2:09pm  

How they are fighting it on FB:

4   HunterTits   2021 Oct 27, 2:12pm  

Patrick says
One more time now!

original link

Did he say "Driving up in an Aston" in the lyrics?

5   Patrick   2021 Oct 27, 5:41pm  

Lol, you do care if you want your children to really be your children and not some other guy's.

But if it's just one evening, you don't care at all.
6   Patrick   2021 Oct 27, 5:42pm  


laughter is kryptonite for tyranny
el gato malo 24 min ago
various versions of “let’s go brandon” are now 4 of the top 8 singles on itunes and 3 of the top 4 including 1 and 2.

7   Patrick   2021 Oct 27, 6:06pm  

This is #1 on iTunes, but I like #2 better (the one from Loza Alexander.


8   Patrick   2021 Oct 27, 6:12pm  

I added an image to the OP above so it would be easier to find in a post list.
10   Ceffer   2021 Oct 28, 11:58am  

"Just in. Pope meets Biden wearing a 'Let's Go Brandon' baseball cap."
11   AmericanKulak   2021 Oct 28, 1:32pm  

HunterTits says


He forgot the #2 song, another Rap dissing Biden. Adele is number #3. Number #4 is ANOTHER anti-Biden diss track.

Number One Song in America per iTunes:

I think 4 of the top ten right now are Let's Go Brandon songs.
12   SunnyvaleCA   2021 Oct 28, 4:48pm  

The more it is censored, the more popular it becomes. It's the Streisand Effect.

"The Streisand effect is a phenomenon that occurs when an attempt to hide, remove, or censor information has the unintended consequence of increasing awareness of that information, often via the Internet."

14   Patrick   2021 Oct 29, 3:42pm  


October 29, 2021
TikTok censors “Let’s Go Brandon”
Following other social media platforms.

15   porkchopexpress   2021 Oct 29, 3:44pm  

MisdemeanorRebellionNoCoupForYou says
Do you have an original link for this?
16   AmericanKulak   2021 Oct 29, 5:32pm  

No, I uploaded it to the site though. You should be able to save as...
19   Automan Empire   2021 Oct 29, 7:15pm  

HunterTits says
Did he say "Driving up in an Aston" in the lyrics?

That Aston Martin ad has been around a long time. IDK why they made it look like a hooker quick-rinsing her cooch in the kitchenette sink before leaving Rin's suite.
21   AmericanKulak   2021 Oct 30, 11:32am  

We're winning.

Many were suspicious for a while.
Some knew years ago
Some only realized it since Trump became President
For others it only hit home after the Stolen Election.

But we're winning. This is 5th Gen Warfare, the Infowars.

A decade ago you were lucky if 1 in 20 was kinda "alert". Now it's about 7 in 20.

Keep attacking.
22   Patrick   2021 Oct 30, 11:57am  

The Forgiato Blow "Let's Go Brandon" song is also pretty good.
23   stereotomy   2021 Oct 30, 12:37pm  

Getting into the Halloween spirit:

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