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The propaganda is subtle, yet obvious if you look for it....

By GreaterNYCDude follow GreaterNYCDude   2021 Sep 19, 2:42pm 193 views   2 comments         share      

So it seems NBC had an adaptation of Dan Brown's book "The Lost Symbol" on their streaming service, Peacock. Five minutes in and I almost shut it off. While lecturing about Symbols in the opening scene, Langdon was lecturing on symbols being "coopted". First they showed the Swastika then the Don't Tread On Me flag, then the OK hand gesture, finished up with the KKK cross... you can connect the dots

Now ai understand that the media bends to the left but man they don't even try to hide their disdain for the opposite side.

Interesting side note; Dan Brown's novel Inferno was about trying to stop a bioweapon which, once released, made one in three infertile, in an attempt to depopulate the planet. Most of the Symbolisim revolved around Dante's Inferno. Used the typical Dan Brown formula but still an entertaining read.
1   Patrick   2021 Oct 1, 11:47am  


Remove COVID messages from AZ Freeways!
482 people have signed this petition. Add your name now!

ARIZONA residents(ONLY) who agree with the follow should sign this petition(please put your address in the comments to help show legislators you represent their constituents).


I am requesting that the constant COVID information that is displayed on the freeway dynamic message boards be removed. I am one among many who are saying this messaging is now ineffectual at best and divisive at worst. The "one size fits all" approach to get vaccinated totally disregards many different personal circumstances such as those who have medical contraindications for not being vaccinated and those recovered from COVID who have natural immunity. To disregard these valid positions with constant general messaging is simply out of step with science and disregarding of individual persons. The repeated proclamations of “GET VACCINATED” in this regard are insulting and counterproductive. I request these messages be removed immediately.

2   Karloff   2021 Oct 1, 12:26pm  

It's the government equivalent of "Want me to stop bending your arm? Give me your lunch money!"

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