Biden leaves Service Dogs in Kabul

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Despite space available, Biden's Evacuation leaves behind Service Dogs in cages in Kabul for the Taliban to eat or shoot for fun.

American citizens and Afghan allies weren’t all the Biden administration left behind in its retreat from Afghanistan.

The U.S. military abandoned its contracted working dogs, according to a statement Monday night by a major animal-welfare group.

American Humane condemned the effective “death sentence” that the U.S. withdrawal from Kabul in favor of the Islamist Taliban militia has spelled for contract working dogs.


Meanwhile, in Beijing:

"Ha,ha. Golden Mountain Fools think Dog is friend, not Food. Humiliate! Call Blin-ken and get him to have their dogs left. Ha, ha, Stupid Mericans! China Numba One!"
1   HeadSet   2021 Sep 5, 11:48am  

I miss having a daughter that age...

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