The Covid Shots All Contain Nano Particles(Over 50 Citations)

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by NuttBoxer   $0.10 total tips   💰tip   follow   2021 Aug 30, 10:49pm  

This isn't about money, or even just depopulation, it's about the opposite of love, control. Get control and nothing else matters. But all these scientists are probably just crazy wackjobs, like the ones who said lockdowns would never end, shots would be mandated, and vaccine passports would be legislated. Crazy huh...


1   PeopleUnited   2021 Aug 31, 11:43am  

porkchopexpress says
Once again, this shows that the J&J shot seems to be the least toxic of the 4.

When faced with a choice between the least toxic injection. Politely decline any injection.

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