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The Weather Channel just isn't the same anymore... more climate politics

By seesaw follow seesaw   2021 Aug 11, 5:08pm 125 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share      

In the old days this cable channel just processed the weather without any mumbo-jumbo of "Global Warming" or "Climate Change". Now every hour their is some reasoning of why our weather is so messed up. they throw Climate "This" and Climate "That".... The owner John Coleman of TWC, did not allow this to be spread on his watch.. Weather personnel do not take into account our "Sun" and it's effect on our earth. This is just getting old, and Byron Allen in my opinion has an agenda... big time... next thing he will demand that we keep our masks on to reduce CO2 emmissions... and people will believe him, once he goes there... :(
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Everything is owned or controlled by Blackrock now.

You'll see, hear, and do only what Blackrock wants.

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