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My fav in the comments:

I stopped trying to convince the 'morbidly obedient' to wake up. Bees don't waste their time explaining to the flies why honey is better than shit

But that is about it. This jackass doesn't know shit about what he is talking about.

"70% of our economy is based on consumption" <--- common refrain by the economically idiotic.

He gets lucky and did say that the key of getting out of this is more production. And he seems to know why. But not enough to have caught on to the 70% of the economy is 'consumption' bullshit.

Step A in production (mining, etc) -> Step B in production (manufacturing) -> Step C in production (additional value added stuff, could even be more manufacturing) -> Consumption (Point of Sale)

Guess which part of the entire cost and value of that chain is Consumption as a percentage? Hardly little. But the government counts economic activity as showing it is the only step in most of its stats involving 'consumer spending'.

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