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"It’s vile. It’s vulgar. It’s protected speech under the Constitution" - Mayor Dwayne Cole

By gabbar follow gabbar   2021 Jul 4, 10:30am 277 views   3 comments         share      

The flag reads, “(expletive) Biden and (expletive) you for voting for him.”
Read more: https://www.wreg.com/news/local/profanity-laced-political-flag-denouncing-president-biden-stirring-controversy/

1   HeadSet   2021 Jul 4, 10:52am  

and fuck you for voting for him

That is kinda harsh. I mean, show some respect for the dead.
2   clambo   2021 Jul 5, 6:40am  

The flag assumes people actually voted for Biden, which they did not.
3   Ceffer   2021 Jul 5, 6:42am  

Fuck Dominion, Soros, CIA for voting for Biden!

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