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US right wing can tap into "Hindooo" anger of China & Biden

By DonewithDebate follow DonewithDebate   2021 Apr 27, 12:13pm 156 views   3 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

Hindoo are really angry with China and Biden.
It is opportunity for US right wing to tap into this "anger" and make alliances.
But Let me remind them that these people are fascists not conservatives, So You get the "whole" package.

.. If You are true center right conservative, Stay away from them. Let them duke out with CCP and their puppy Biden.
We can provide gentle help on common grounds of fighting CCP criminality and oppression of Hong Kong,Tibet and Taiwan... without getting the bad name of helping fascism.
Shame on you USA exploiting 11 months old picture of gas leak and using those dead bodies to spread panic and terror about the pandemic , and what is US views of freedom anyway?Remember what you did to Trump and your own democracy sold in sale to China,shut up now,don’t preach.
They are out with daggers as if he is the one who made this virus in Wuhan and single handedly responsible for population explosion,even though he chose not to have children, from Iran to Britain all had worse second waves but they will target only him because 1/2
If you care to know then know the facts,not easy to handle this over populated, illiterate, poor and hugely complex nation, everyone is doing their best we have a lot to be grateful for yet loss is inevitable, the one who is always there for you don’t make him your punching bag
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India is the second priority of Chinese Propaganda.

Hence the focus on India, while we're supposed to believe WHO, which has total China Virus deaths at... 5000. Total.

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