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The myth of "racist algorithms"

By richwicks follow richwicks   2021 Mar 27, 1:22am 63 views   0 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

I was thinking of the concept of "racist algorithms" which our "news" media has conniptions over as you can see:


Algorithms take in available data of input variables and output results and start categorizing based on any available variables it has. If the algorithm sees that a particular group X has a tendency to do Y, it assigns a likelihood that X is likely to do Y regardless of an individual in group X actually will do Y.

It just identifies probabilities, based on any variables and outcomes it sees. The biases are based on its input.

What I find interesting is that people, who are (as far as I know a very complex tropism, an algorithm) are denounced for seeing the same patterns. We survive by recognizing patterns.

Individuals may be castigated for recognizing patterns but I can tell you with a certainty, a corporation doesn't care one bit if they are doing it. A bank, a security corporation, an intelligence agency, an advertising agency. They don't care. This haranguing of people who recognize patterns (that may or may not be there, because their sample size isn't representative) is done to reduce competition.

People hear that Twitter, Google, Facebook, etc are hiring based on "progressive policies". I doubt it. They want to force their competition to do that. Sure, they are seemingly "woke", but when they hire based on superficial qualities, those people are sidelined and are not placed in positions of actual power or they are tokens, controlled by a supervisor - a puppet. A large company can afford to do this, but a small corporation can't. The whole point of this is to eliminate upstart competition.
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