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Any book banned by Amazon and Facebook is a good book to buy!

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Facebook bans ads for Carrie Gress book on damaging feminism

As soon as the term “toxic masculinity” entered the media and political vernacular, it was inevitable that others would eventually start talking about “toxic femininity.”

The difference that’s becoming clear is that while one of these notions is earnestly allowed, the other is censored – by Big Tech, at least.

We are learning this now that Facebook is banning posts advertising Carrie Gress’ book, “The Anti-Mary Exposed: Rescuing the Culture from Toxic Femininity.” The posts were deleted both on the “mothership” itself, and its image-sharing arm, Instagram.

Gress is a Catholic professor at Pontifex University and a critic of feminism, while the book deals with what she terms “toxic femininity,” reports said.

Facebook explained the ban the usual way – with a non-explanation. A bookstore that tried to advertise on the two platforms was told that Facebook and Instagram’s community policy had been violated.

Guadalupe Gifts, a Catholic gift store, received an email that the breach concerned “commerce policies” – those pertaining to buying, selling, or use of adult products. No further communication or explanation was received by the store from the social media giant as of February 3, the College Fix found.

This website has so far been unsuccessful in trying to get Facebook to comment on the ban.

The book criticizes what it sees as radical feminism as having its roots in Marxism, claiming that feminism paved the way for the LGBT movement of today, and then offers “remedies” for this situation from the religious, Catholic point of view.

Another issue the book deals with is “how elite women silence any voice not in accord with theirs, so no surprise that my book is being censored,” said the author.

Although the book has done well on Amazon, receiving 4.7 out of 5 stars from 423 reviews within the year since its release, it hasn’t been smooth sailing for Gress over there either. According to her, Amazon was canceling orders, making the book available only via third party sellers. The book would also repeatedly get reinstated, and then become out of stock a mere hour later, or the same day.

Amazon was not willing to comment about the situation.

Here'e are two alternative places you can buy the ebook:



It's a specifically Catholic book. Summary:

The Demonic Influence on Women Today
In the late ’60s, a small group of elite American women convinced an overwhelming majority of the country that destroying the most fundamental of relationships—that of mother and child—was necessary for women to have productive and happy lives.

From the spoiling of this relationship followed the decay of the entire family, and almost overnight, our once pro-life culture became pro-lifestyle, embracing everything that felt good. Sixty million abortions later, women aren’t showing signs of health, happiness, and fulfillment. Increased numbers of divorce, depression, anxiety, sexually transmitted disease, and drug abuse all point to the reality that women aren’t happier, just more medicated.

Huge cultural shifts led to a rethinking of womanhood, but could there be more behind it than just culture, politics, and rhetoric?

Building off the scriptural foundations of the anti-Christ, Carrie Gress makes an in-depth investigation into the idea of an anti-Mary—as a spirit, not an individual—that has plagued the West since the ’60s. Misleading generations of women, this anti-Marian spirit has led to the toxic femininity that has destroyed the lives of countless men, women, and children.

Let me know if you find a non Amazon site that sells the hardcover.
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But ok to have poor man's James bond and anarchist cookbook.

Not that I think they should be band had them as a teen, but come on.
2   KgK one   ignore (0)   2021 Feb 7, 5:43pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

Poor man's James bond and anarchist cookbook.

I had copy 15 years ago but somehow got deleted. I think they scan n deleted . I wonder where I can them for good read :)

Another great read is chemical engineers handbook
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RC2006 says
But ok to have poor man's James bond and anarchist cookbook.

Not that I think they should be band had them as a teen, but come on.

It’s only wrong to criticize ruling class, for now all else is permitted.
4   Patrick   ignore (1)   2021 Feb 27, 4:51pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      


Critics have lamented that Amazon has stopped streaming a documentary on Justice Clarence Thomas.

Customers have noticed that “Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words,” a documentary on the renowned supreme court justice, is no longer available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

To celebrate Black History, Amazon created a page called “Amplify Black Voices,” which “features a curated collection of titles to honor Black History Month across four weekly themes (Black Love, Black Joy, Black History Makers, and Black Girl Magic).”

On Amazon Prime, the company added multiple films, including docu-dramas and documentaries on the country’s first black supreme court justice, Thurgood Marshall. The site even added two films about Anita Hill, the woman who made claims that Thomas sexually harassed her.

But Thomas’s documentary has been removed in all regions.

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