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Joe the Fool Biden still babbles in front of his made up title

By Tenpoundbass follow Tenpoundbass   2021 Jan 22, 1:00pm 158 views  2 comments           share      

Joe Biden isn't even Joe Biden's President LOL

1   Ceffer   2021 Jan 22, 1:16pm  

The ninja fingers deaf talkers are the sure sign that the creeps are virtue signaling and lying their asses off. I notice that every LibFuck and CommieFuck has them. Some of them also like the phalanx of masked minions (mostly women) standing at attention in the background with hands folded somberly in front.

"Research has shown higher penetration of fake news and propaganda when included with a gesticulating deaf mime. After all, deaf people have to be honest."
2   Patrick   2021 Jan 22, 6:31pm  

No problem, Camela will take care of him. So to speak.

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