Could it be the only reason Trump went along with the Chinahoax Flu was because Pence was championing it

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Pence seemed to endorse it full heatedly from the get go. I think Pence was one of the chief architect with the Fraudci and Bitchx to destroy Trump's economy, and to make people blame Trump for the shutdown.

Why do I say that? Ya'll remember after Hurricanes and other Natural disasters, Trump is always one of the first people to show up and hand out water, and toss supplies to people. He loves showing up where he feels he's needed.
But with the CCP Flu hoax, who played delivery boy, with the unneeded extra supplies that weren't even used after they were delivered?

That's right Mike Pence. Mike Pence was the guy doing the Okeydoke hand trucking Coronahoax supplies to the empty hospitals, playing it up for the cameras. He really enjoyed it, he was doing his part to take down Trump.
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