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Nonviolent extremely effective way to protest Biden election

By Zak follow Zak   2020 Dec 12, 8:43pm 295 views   0 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share      

I hear a lot of you complaining. If you really really really want an effective, non-violent means of protest here it is:

1) Use a label maker to print out some stickers that say "consent of the governed"

2) Go to home depot and buy some bricks or cinder blocks, a tube of 2 part epoxy, and some orange safety cones.

3) Go down to your local freeway on-ramp in the middle of the night.

4) Put up your orange safety cones at the onramp entrance so cars are alerted to a hazard, and slow down (we don't want people getting hurt)

5) Glue the bricks/cinder blocks to onramp in a random pattern so that only high clearance vehicles can slowly crawl over them for access to the freeway.

6) Apply your "consent of the governed" stickers to the bricks, so people know your actions are in protest.

7) Go home and sleep, without wasting a bunch of your time protesting, or running the risk of conflict by crazy counter protesters.

8) Watch the morning news with a nice cup of hot coffee.

If you have a couple friends, each of you can tackle a different on-ramp.

After a couple nights of this, the police will literally be guarding freeway onramps.

This means they won't be near other streets where you can identify similar traffic chokepoints... Spread your love through the city. Since the real ones screwing us over are the bankers, see if you can focus on the neighborhoods the bankers live in. Their little low slung BMW's and mercedes will be no match for your cinder block onramp gag. After a VERY short period of time, there will be a "watchlist" for purchasers of brick/block.

No problem! Head down to your local creek, and get some rocks from there.. They are a bit harder to epoxy down, but are pretty much just as effective. Traffic cones will probably also be on the watch list, so just switch to orange paint.. Buy a lot in your first order, as it may be a few weeks to keep this up... Also, start with just some small rocks in your layout pattern, and paint those orange, so cars have a chance to feel the bumps before they get to big rocks that could actually do damage or get someone hurt.. Again, we don't want to hurt anyone in any way!

Local news/politics/police will be going crazy. The smallest little amount of civil disobedience can really fuck up our relatively smoothly functioning society.

Bankers can drive to work every day to rob us because we let them. What if we just don't let them?

BTW, in France the farmers did something similar. They just drove their tractors into town and parked them in the street. I think their point was taken very quickly.
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