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Tahoe shutting down for 3 weeks

By mell follow mell   2020 Dec 9, 5:41pm 118 views   0 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

Was browsing ski cabins/leases. Many availabilities but most booked out over Christmas and New Year. With this now tourism and the people who booked are completely and utterly fucked. It looks like the leftoid fascist marxists are hell bent on destroying the economy where-ever they have pull. While I do feel bad for the people depending on this sector many of those affected voted for these assholes and now subsequent elections may be stolen - you reap what you sow. On the upside rents in SF tumbled by 30% and skiing/boarding has never been cheaper, WHEN the lifts are open of course. Never go full retard, never go leftoid.
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