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No need to worry. We’re following the law.

By FuckTheMainstreamMedia follow FuckTheMainstreamMedia   2020 Nov 6, 9:43am 169 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    


Hey jackass, why no mention that observers were not allowed to properly observe, as legally allowed? Why no mention of some county election officials wanting to count ballots that arrived late, thereby being illegal?

You explain any of that to your kids you condescending pandering asshole? Hopefully someone in PA ruins into you in public and explains to your kids how much of a smug lying bitch you are.
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Because the leftist media like CNN, Washington Post and New York Times as well as the Silicon Valley tech companies are run by China.

If the votes were casted on the base of what is good for the country, I accept it. I was a huge Hilary Clinton fan. I was sick for several days after her loss in 2016. But in the end, most of us casted votes based on the belief that Trump would do good for our country. This one, many people casted their vote based on the hate for Trump. There is no thinking about how Biden would do good for our country and the world. Everyone knew Biden is suffering dementia. Everyone knows Biden family is corrupt and sold our country to China, since last year. OK, the leftist media and the silicon Valley tech companies successfully blocked these information to disseminate to a degree. So the ignorant people should not be accountable, when China start oppressing more countries and people around the world. The media should be.

Hope we can find a way to make the Silicon Valley tech companies and leftist media to be accountable for their actions and what they report. We shouldn't sit on our asses and do nothing about this. It is a time for a change.

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