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Richard Blum, husband of Dianne Feinstein, named in UC admissions scandal

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by rigidmember     💰tip   follow   2020 Sep 24, 9:36pm  

Corrupt to the core. Lifelong politicians and their families need to be purged

“I did it a bunch of times,” Blum said, adding that he has never considered it a problem to write recommendation letters bypassing the traditional admissions process. A policy prohibiting such influence has been in place throughout Blum’s 18-year tenure on the Board of Regents, the newspaper reported.

Blum, a financier, told the Chronicle that “no one ever told me it was wrong.” He said he has sent letters of recommendation about friends and family to chancellors at multiple UC campuses since becoming a regent in 2002. “Wherever they were applying. Wherever they wanted to get in.” He recalled sending letters specifically to the chancellors at UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and UC Irvine, but added: “almost everywhere.”

1   SunnyvaleCA   2020 Sep 24, 9:38pm  

Kind of funny. I thought only the "disadvantaged" had a hard time getting into the second-tier level of schools. You would think these people would be embarrassed that, even with all their wealth and privilege, their crappy kids STILL can't get into 2nd tier schools.
2   Ceffer   2020 Sep 24, 10:47pm  

In the Bakke vs. days, one of the Regents slipped and said that 10 percent of the slots at the professional and graduate programs were at the 'discretion' of the Regents. They didn't need no stinkin' letters of recommendation, they were just 'in'.

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