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Meet me on South Street - An observation of San Jose South side

By latitude38 follow latitude38   2020 Aug 27, 10:51pm 142 views   2 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

It’s the funniest thing , there’s a fairly sizable amount of homeless in the South Bay , you see them camped along 87 /85 with mountains of trash , used needles lying around , generally unsanitary conditions but yet I see the same groups day after day, either at the Chevron gas station , in front of Luckys , pretty much all around the 4 corners of Blossom Hill/ Santa Teresa , they seldom where masks , definitely don’t practice social distancing , eat off one another’s food /drinks , and yet ............ not a single one has come down with the virus ! Have they got herd immunity? Is their lifestyle the miracle vaccine ? Is not using hand sanitizers the trick , or for that matter taking a shower . Just about all the businesses in this area are holding on by the skin of their teeth and I’m afraid many won’t survive .I have no clue how many in this area are not making mortgage /rental payments but I’ll tell you one thing , there’s a ton of cars on the blocks that normally you wouldn’t see on a weekday , as a matter of fact I’ve met a ton of neighbors that I never knew I had before . When this virus thing is over ......someday so they say - it won’t even compare with the Tsunami of problems that will happen as a result of our geniuses in Sacramento that are making things worse -Their worst than the virus !
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Almost everybody who died was over 75 and in a nursing home. It's rarely fatal or even seriously annoying to people that aren't elderly with multiple chronic conditions.
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Sacramento doesn't care. The 'Curley Effect', the people's suffering and business failures don't matter as long as the Dems and Public Service Unions can hold on to power.

As a matter of fact, the more suffering the better, to make sure that we turn to a full punitive model of government control and oversight.

What is most important is holding the people of the state and the economy hostage to the wishes and prosperity of the few politicians and their ignorant and grasping apparatchiks.

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