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Florida Man Who Died In Motorcycle Wreck Labeled As COVID-19 Death By State

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We know that coronavirus death counts are being inflated - we just don't know by how much. After all, how could they not be when there is a financial incentive for states and municipalities to report deaths as coronavirus deaths? And for some states, there may even be a political incentive...

Which is why it shouldn't come as a total surprise when a man who suffered a fatal motorcycle accident in Florida last week was added to the state's Covid-19 death count.

Fox 35 did an investigation where they talked to Orange County Health Officer Dr. Raul Pino about two deaths of people in their 20s that were labeled coronavirus deaths. When they asked if the people who died had underlying conditions, Pino responded: “The first one didn’t have any. He died in a motorcycle accident.”

When he was asked about whether or not the motorcycle victim's data was removed from the state's Covid system, he responded:

“I don’t think so. I have to double-check. We were arguing, discussing, or trying to argue with the state. Not because of the numbers -- it’s 100…it doesn’t make any difference if it's 99 -- but the fact that the individual didn’t die from COVID-19…died in the crash. But you could actually argue that it could have been the COVID-19 that caused him to crash. I don’t know the conclusion of that one.”

This seems to stand at odds with how the Florida Department of Health explained how they were reporting Covid deaths.

The state had told Fox: "A COVID death is determined if COVID19 is listed as the immediate or underlying cause of death, or listed as one of the significant conditions contributing to death. Or, if there is a confirmed COVID-19 infection from a lab test – and the cause of death doesn’t meet exclusion criteria – like trauma, suicide, homicide, overdose, motor-vehicle accident, etc."

“The only thing that I can say to people is the data I provide you with is the data we consume from the state. We offer you the best data that we have,” Pino concluded, copping out.
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That's strange. Motorcycle deaths usually count as ten Covid deaths.
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mell says
" But you could actually argue that it could have been the COVID-19 that caused him to crash. I don’t know the conclusion of that one. "

Was he joking or serious?
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Seems to me that an ambulance chaser just missed out on a fortune.
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Maybe some are catching on even the Libbies. Took a walk tonite, one couple I spoke with husband who said he didn't believe the conspiracy theories. I asked him has he ever heard of a pandemic when hardly anybody you know except through a few rumored degrees of separation even "had" it? He said he knew somebody and asked if I didn't believe what was going on in New York. I said I didn't except the mayor is purposely destroying his own city, and that Covid will disappear after the elections, didn't care anymore if he thought I was a nutter. I asked him who he knew had it, and it was some people a relative back East knew, supposedly young. I asked him how severe was it, and how long were they sick. He said he had no idea, but that they didn't die. I asked if he knew anybody local who had it, and he said no. It didn't even register that his wife, a nurse, didn't even know anybody who had it.

Another neighbor along the walk, who he and live in are both public service union types, told us a joke. 'How fast does Covid spread? It depends on the density of the population. How long does it last? It depends on the density of the population. Who should wear masks? It depends on the density of the population. Who is afraid of Covid? It depends on the density of the population." If the population is dense enough, it can be anything 'they' want it to be.

Basically, he doesn't believe the Covid panic stuff, unless the 'population' is stupid, and he's a liberal. Maybe there's hope yet.

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