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Current election chances thread

By mell follow mell   2020 Jun 13, 9:21am 304 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

This thread can be updated continuously til the election. I'll start and at this point give Joe a 60%-40% edge but nothing is decided yet. All of Biden's scandals, ineptness, cronyism and creepyness incl. 1 REAP! accusation are currently swept under the rug and meaningless due to ZOMG! Ray's! CiSM! and shit. The media is 24/7 reporting on this bullshit while not reporting any world news anymore. Middle East? North Korea? Italy? Nike child slave factories in Bangladesh, China, India? Who gives a fuck. They are doing Goebbels work for the left at the moment and very successfully so.
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mell says
I'll start and at this point give Joe a 60%-40% edge but nothing is decided yet

Popular vote? I think this will turn out to be the most lopsided POTUS election ever. Most Trump haters realize that he's going to lose the states they live in, so what's the motivation for voting? I think this time the Trump lovers and closet Trumpers come out in full force even in blue states. Basically blue state votes won't turn out, what's the point when Joe Biden is your candidate?

This will be a game changing election in my opinion. There's never been a sitting POTUS with more shit thrown at him. Maybe Clinton, but he did get sucked off on public property even though it's not theoretically open to the public. This whole thing is a mind fuck if you really think about it. Media companies will make more money if Trump wins. That's why Joe has disappeared from the headlines. Media creates our narrative under the auspices of "journalism" as a profession. They're going to trash Trump knowing it brings in more revenue and therefore he ends up getting reelected. CNN wants Trump to win. It makes them more money.

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