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I am most virtuous. No I am. No, I am most virtuous of all.

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Changing word definition. Not enforcing the law. Now public confessions.

But the tyranny and facist threat isn’t for the left, correct?
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Next up, struggle sessions.

"Struggle campaigns emerged as a tactic to secure the allegiance of the Chinese people during the land reform (土地改革) campaign.[5] That campaign sought to mobilize the masses through intensive propaganda followed by “Speak Bitterness” (诉苦) sessions in which peasants were encouraged to accuse land owners. The strongest accusations were incorporated into scripted and stage-managed public mass accusation meetings (控诉大会). Cadres then cemented the peasants’ loyalty by inducing them to actively participate in violent acts against landowners. This process served multiple purposes. First, it demonstrated to the masses that the party was determined to subdue any opposition (generally labeled “class enemies”), by violence if necessary. Second, potential rivals were crushed. Third, those who attacked the targeted foes became complicit in the violence and hence invested in the state. All three served to consolidate the party’s control, which was deemed necessary because party members constituted a small minority of China’s population.[6][7][8]

"Carefully arranged and organized, the mass trials and accusatory meetings followed clear and meticulously prearranged patterns. Dramatic devices such as staging, props, working scripts, agitators, and climactic moments were used to efficiently engage the emotions of the audience—to stir up resentment against the targeted groups and mobilize the audience to support the regime.[9][10]"


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