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San Mateo County refuses to open restaurants, so people will go to Santa Clara County restaurats and bring germs back

By Patrick follow Patrick   2020 Jun 2, 10:36pm 243 views   0 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

Email to San Mateo County officials, posted for a fellow Menlo Park resident who doesn't have an account:

NOTE: San Mateo County is sandwiched between Santa Clara and San Francisco counties!

Therefore people from our county will out door dine in these counties and then come home and still bring germs into our county so your RELUCTANCE to allow outdoor dining in San Mateo county is useless and doesn’t stop the Covid -19 virus from getting into the county! *You have no control other than th bankrupt or restaurants!

Do you understand your logic of do Nothing is stupid?

Santa Clara County starts outdoor dining even sooner than San Francisco!

See link below.

San Mateo moved fast on the curfew today but not on outdoor dining like Santa Clara county. Why?

Are Scott Morrow and Louise Rogers too slow at doing the ATTESTATION forms? Do they need a more competent staff to assist them?

I volunteered to help write it in my last emails to all of you!

Ken K.
Menlo Park

Excerpt for you all:

Santa Clara County has trailed neighbors like San Mateo and Marin in easing shelter-in-place restrictions in recent weeks, instead sticking to the previous regional orders that were more restrictive than Newsom’s. Last week, Cody criticized Newsom’s approach during a Board of Supervisors meeting, telling officials that he was moving too quickly.

“The state is opening things at a very brisk clip (and) not waiting to see what the impact is,” Cody said.

Still, Cody and the public health department as a whole has faced criticism — including from the Board of Supervisors — for moving too slow on indicators for testing and contact tracing that she previously said would determine the county’s reopening timeline.

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