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lets see how much coverage the raycis media gives this

By Hircus follow Hircus   2020 May 21, 8:05pm 404 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

Black man beating an elderly White man for fun in a nursing home


I doubt it will get even 1% of the coverage Ahmaud did.

And don't forget - if the tables were turned, such that a White Male was beating old Black folk for sport like this monster is: there would be blood in the streets and the media would lose their shit.
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So its been a few days, and very little coverage. What coverage there is, makes an effort to downplay race. Despicable.

But lookie here, right in the same search results, on #3 when the tables are turned and the white is vilified, the media jumps for joy at their ability to list race in the headlines.

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