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America's sell off to crony capitalists: On top of rolling back the America we loved, to be more the America you can't afford, you can consider Trump to be the nuclear Antichrist. Specifically refer to these links then go listen to Noam Chomski too.

Trump is expanding a seriously bloated American military presence around the world as he reduces America's support of NATO. He withdrew from the intermediate range nuclear treaty with Russia and the nuclear deal we had with Iran also putting sanctions against Iran too. Under Trump a new type of nuclear weapon has been developed, mass produced and deployed on submarines. At the same time Trump has claimed the ability to do whatever he chooses, he is showing factual ignorance of nuclear weapons every 83 seconds as he speaks. Trump is trying to arm the Saudis with nukes too. Naturally, the world is reacting to this bravado by building up their weapons in retaliation.

So the doomsday clock is closer to midnight than it has ever been now, reflecting the world danger of annihilation as assessed by the atomic science community.











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Basically the Liberals are Ass Hurt, because we've been giving countries all over the world billions of dollars a year to NOT develop nuclear weapons, but somehow.
The two Bush's, Clinton and Obama allowed China, India, Pakistan and NK to get Nuclear weapons.

And besides that all of our enemies have weapons, that makes Nukes obsolete, and isn't covered by any Nuclear treaties.
Super Sonic Ballistics can level everything for 15 miles.
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OccasionalCortex says
Trump is Putin's puppet,
That doesn’t stop us from having a nuclear arms race revival.

Billions and tens of billions contracts for all the old cronies. Just think of all the economic growth in that, military bloat, boogeyman festival to keep Americans and workers all over the planet in line.

After all that drug war thing is fairly played out now.


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OccasionalCortex says
Trump was Putin's puppet,
How would an arms race reboot displease Putin?

Doesn’t Putin need a boogieman? Wouldn’t a false boogieman be the best kind?

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OccasionalCortex says
Putin will get his wish, right?
Would it change your mind about supporting Trump if Putin has a real hold over him?

It looks like Russia can call Trump’s banknotes through Deutsche Bank due because they are the guarantor of Trump’s loans in other words Trump was dead financially until those loans were underwritten by Russian state-owned VTB Bank, according to the whistleblower whose collection of thousands of bank documents and internal communications have captured the recent attention of federal investigators.

I do wonder what all Putin has over Trump to prompt Trump’s siding with Russian interests over our own.

Did I say Trump is Putin’s puppet ever? Maybe you equivocate.

Read Dark Towers by David Enrich.

I don’t think you care whether Trump is Putin’s puppet or not because MAGA.

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