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None and I mean NONE of those women in that article look like women that you could get to go to a Trump concert, much less pay them to attend.
Conservative Smart women that voted for Trump and will vote for Trump. Don't look Berkeley Professors, and NGO Chairs.

FYI, there are plenty of Blue Suburbs, what a dishonest piece of garbage reporting. Absolutely fake news.

Yeah, go... go... go ask Huma Abedin, if she's going to vote for Trump.
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said Sanchez, a life coach and mother of five in this prosperous desert community. (She is a distant relative of Republican Utah Sen. Mitt Romney.)

Sanchez considers Trump “reprehensible as a human being” and the Republican Party morally bankrupt. “I couldn’t be a part of it anymore,” she said, and as a result, at age 40 the newly registered independent is weighing her first-ever Democratic vote for president.

“It’s amazing the change, in just the last few years,” said Q. Whitfield Ayres, a pollster who has spent decades strategizing for Republican campaigns and causes. “It’s not any one place. It’s everywhere.”

The RINO decades are Over!

I like how so many people, that were Bernie supporters, that now that they have the Sads, call themselves "Independents".
Let's be perfectly clear, People that voted for Trump in 2016 are not going to abandon him and vote for Joe Biden. Or who ever the DNC finally rolls the dice on.

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