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If I Had The Money For This, I'd Wear It On BART...

By OccasionalCortex follow OccasionalCortex   2020 Jan 31, 3:28pm 95 views   2 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

...just to royally scare the shit out of everyone:

1   Tenpoundbass   ignore (15)   2020 Jan 31, 3:34pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

You can make one with a two liter coke bottle and yellow Hoodie, it's not like Millennial are smart and pay attention to details.
2   HeadSet   ignore (3)   2020 Jan 31, 3:37pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Yes, and carry a bag with that "Biohazard" emblem.

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