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Sentencing the homeless to Newark, New Jersey is a war crime, claims the UN.

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A New Jersey mayor filed a lawsuit against New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio over his effort to relocate homeless people out of New York City.

Newark, New Jersey, Mayor Ras Baraka claimed that de Blasio’s administration is paying to dump New York City’s homeless population across the Hudson River in New Jersey’s largest city rather than dealing with the problem at the source, according to a report from Reuters.

De Blasio’s administration championed a Special One-Time Assistance program that gives eligible, low-income individuals “one year's full rent up front.” The program claims that people will be relocated within the city or to other states, as well as Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C.

Those who qualify must have been in a homeless shelter for 90 days and must have enough income to pay the rent after the first year of rent payments end.

Baraka alleged that the program is illegal and led to “coerced migration” of homeless people into his city. He claimed that the city was “forcing SOTA recipients to accept the proverbial ‘offer they can’t refuse’” to move away from the city.

The mayor explained that homeless individuals were given rushed tours of Newark apartments and forced to make a quick decision about moving while city officials waited to pay the annual rent upfront. The lawsuit claimed that this could breach state commerce laws.

Attorneys described one woman who recalled being urged by advisers at the shelter to look at apartments in New Jersey, rather than staying in New York.

“She was told by case managers in her shelter that she should look in New Jersey, in the cities of Newark or Paterson, because New York landlords were leery of the SOTA program and because she would find something quicker in New Jersey,” the attorney wrote.

New York City’s homeless population is as many as 63,000. For every 121 people, one person is homeless in the nation’s largest city.

Both Baraka and de Blasio have been the mayors of their cities since 2014. De Blasio made a failed attempt at the presidency earlier this year. He dropped out of the race in September after failing to gain traction with voters. His predecessor, Michael Bloomberg, announced his presidential bid in November.


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NY is hoping they will all drown trying to swim back.

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