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White lives matter. So do manufacturing and good jobs.

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American Life Expectancy Dropping Dramatically Thanks to White Working Class Male Suicides.
CNN fails to mention men are leading the decline.

After increasing for decades, American life expectancy is now facing an alarming decline thanks mainly to suicides of white working age men.

A study published by the journal JAMA, found that life expectancy in America increased from 1959 to 2014 but that the number plateaued in 2011 and began decreasing in 2014.

“The study…found that the decline is mostly among “working-age” Americans, or those ages 25 to 64,” reports Live Science. “In this group, the risk of dying from drug abuse, suicide, hypertension and more than 30 other causes is increasing.”

The decline in life expectancy for working aged males has not been recorded in other developed countries and is a “distinctly American phenomenon,” according to study co-author Steven H. Woolf of Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine.

According to Lisa Britton, CNN’s coverage of the story omitted the crucial point that the decline was being driven by male suicides.

“CNN just did a piece on the declining life-expectancy rate in the US… and failed to mention it’s the MEN’s rate that is declining! Women have maintained a steady rate although there’s been an uptick in the women’s overdose rate (The Wash Post turned their story into that) Wow,” she tweeted.

As we discuss in the video below, the only demographic group that has seen a dramatic rise in suicides and “deaths of despair” is white, middle aged, working class men.

Despite this, the media and the culture still relentlessly blames that same demographic for both historical and contemporary societal ills, de-legitimizing their trauma under the rubric of “white privilege.”


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It's all part of the plan.
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White privilege!

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