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Good privacy-centric software and services

By Patrick follow Patrick   2019 Nov 26, 7:07am 125 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    


Welcome to ThinkPrivacy. This site is a collection of apps, services, and advice on how to protect your data online. From messaging, emailing, and storage, keeping your data encrypted and private is critical in today's age of national surveillance by both the government and private organizations.

Also see https://www.privacytools.io/software/
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A guy who talked with the devs from Protonmail was informed that in the case of a subpoena, they will turn over logs, so hosting your own email server is still the best route, though not trivial to setup and secure.

Also, gotta say Debian is a poor choice for OS. From what I've heard, SJW's have completely co-opted that project, and their head developer was actually given a hacker award for being one of the least security minded devs recently. Whonix would be a much better choice for that list.

Also, no bitchute?

I think the second link actually has some better, though less well known SW. Props for mentioning Keepass, why host your passwords on a server when they can be local.

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