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California Democrats fight to keep people homeless

By CovfefeButDeadly follow CovfefeButDeadly   2019 Nov 24, 11:11am 72 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share

For Smith, any executive action that relies on disrupting an already fragile ecosystem would be unwelcome on the part of those helping the homeless.

“Look, the Feds don’t have the authority to come in and arrest people for being homeless,” he says. “But my real concern about whatever might be presented is that it will include moving people around, traumatizing people and generally just exacerbating the level of human misery we already have.”

I love how all these advocates proclaim you can’t just arrest your way out of the issue when that’s EXACTLY how the homeless population on LA’s skid row was reduced to under 2,000 individuals at the height of the Depression in 2010. There were more shelter beds available than there were homeless that would accept them. I’d estimate the numbers now at more than 10,000 homeless on skid row.
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If you took away their drugs and stopped enabling the dealers, jailed them long enough to make them suffer painful withdrawal, and threw away their tents and crap, they would probably mostly disband back where they came from and sleep on the couch of some skeevy relative.

Mobile homeless with civic co-depenance are just a roving, subsidized Baltimore ghetto. Drugs corrupt everything, and you can bet in every city with the large homeless groups, a lot of people and at least some the local politicians are making money from it. Even social services, under guise of rehab, become part of the distribution networks.

An older acquaintance in Santa Cruz lived in one of the mobile home parks. The management group who handled several parks actually sheltered some recently released felons to start meth manufacturing (because it was central to homeless area) because the management group was in on it, and used its legal powers to harass the mobile home residents who noticed and protested the thugs. They also threatened physical violence. It didn't last, because it became so blatant, but when social services, city council members, and management services are corrupted, you have a nidus that becomes self perpetuating, like the bureaucracy from hell.

The homeless are a curse for taxpayers, businesses, homeowners, communities and consumers, but can be a boon to the cartels (sanctuary etc.) dealers, recently re-cycled criminals, and all of the bribe-able corrupt entities in the community. It shows you how far they can play the 'compassion' card to perpetuate self dealing.

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