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The Left and Oikophobia

By NoCoupForYou follow NoCoupForYou   2019 Nov 21, 3:35pm 87 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

Left: "OMG, the police shot this guy who was carrying a toy pistol and pointed it at them, after 3 calls to 911 complaining about a screaming man brandishing a pistol. Amerikkka! Police brutality! Fascism! White Supremacy!"

Non-leftist: "Gee, you must be really upset about what is happening in Hong Kong"

Left: Rolls eyes We have to be focused on what happens in our own backyard, first!

Non-leftist: "So you don't care about Maduro's death squads targeting food protestors?

Left: "It's not our business what happens in China or Venezuela! Besides, it was probably engendered by the evil CIA!"

News: "Israel shot 3 molotov cocktail throwing 18/19 year olds trying to climb a wall into Israel from Gaza. All 3 were Hamas members and received Hamas funerals."

Left: "OMG! MOAR Police brutality! BDS! BDS! Trump must Boycott Israel Now! We can't let this evil promulgate in the world!"

The moral of the hypothetical: The reason given is never the reason; the reason is always the hatred of America. Ignoring worse actions taken by rivals and even lauding those taken by overtly anti-American actors like Maduro, only concerned with when force is used to delegitimize America and Pro-American Allies.

You can switch this up to be about wars, or socialism, or LGBTQ rights (ie criticizing fights against over the top LGBTQ recruitment propaganda at home and abroad, while ignoring Persian or Arab outright executions of homos/queers).

The real motivator is the Oikophobia.
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This fits well with the unconcern about Biden taking $80k/month from Burisma, but very concerned about that act being investigated,

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