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Kentucky Voter Fraud

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BREAKING: Voter Fraud Confirmed in Kentucky: Electoral Office Confirms 175k Voters Were Added Back To Voter Rolls in 2019
In July 2016, the AG office finally got back to Tore. Her main concern was the possibility that her husband could be auto-deported when it came time for him to renew his alien registration if someone were to vote using his name.

They ensured Tore that both her and her husband’s names would be removed, and for Tore to send a letter to their office with the couple’s signatures having been notarized. Tore faxed the notarized letter to their office and then mailed it in.

During the 2018 midterm elections, Tore again checked to ensure that her and Barry were no longer on the voting list in Kentucky, and found their names had both been removed.

After hearing of the voter fraud in Kentucky a few days ago, Tore decided to double check the list online, and BOOM…both of their names have mysteriously found their way back onto the official list.


Most of these were people who had moved out of state and had been dropped previously from the Rolls, non-eligible immigrant spouses of legal voters, and those who simply had driver's licenses regardless of eligibility to vote.
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Dead Hillbillies and Illegals vote Blue!

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