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Climate change isn't causing the California fires....

By CovfefeButDeadly follow CovfefeButDeadly   2019 Nov 2, 11:02pm 87 views   3 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share

The issue was summarized by the Western Governors’ Association in their 2006 Biomass Task Force Report which noted:

…over time the fire-prone forests that were not thinned, burn in uncharacteristically destructive wildfires, and the resulting loss of forest carbon is much greater than would occur if the forest had been thinned before fire moved through. …failing to thin leads to a greater greenhouse gas burden than the thinning created in the first place, and that doesn’t even account for the avoided fossil fuel greenhouse gas emissions due to the production of energy from the forest thinnings. In the long term, leaving forests overgrown and prone to unnaturally destructive wildfires means there will be significantly less biomass on the ground, and more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
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I don't care how many Republicans lose everything. They can do nothing.
How fucking stupid are Rep/Con to argue about climate change when everything they own is a pile of smoking rubble?
Hope insurance companies triple fire premiums.Time for Rep/Cons to have to take responsibility.
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Of course not. Many reasons, not thinning forests, people moving into forests without adequate technology/plan to keep their house safe and their brushes trimmed, pg & e having 3rd world nation power lines (enriching themselves and their employees while letting everything else go to shit), a wet winter (which is good) causing more growth => more shrubs to burn if forest service isn't proactive, etc. etc. Climate change isn't one of them.

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