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Prison hardened Felicity Huffman to take over El Chapo gang.

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EXCLUSIVE: Felicity Huffman goes incognito with husband William H. Macy as they land on an Alaskan Airlines flight after she was released from a Club Fed prison two days early from her 14-day sentence in the college admissions scandal

In an image exclusively obtained by the DailyMail.com the actress can be seen checking Macy's phone wearing sweat pants, sneakers and a hoodie

They are understood to have flown Alaskan airlines, landing shortly before noon into Burbank airport which is frequently used by celebrities

Huffman's hair is tied back and she is wearing glasses with an eyewitness telling the DailyMail.com that both Macy and Huffman appeared relaxed

The couple are standing next to two small pieces of hand luggage

Huffman will now spend a year on probation and have to pay a $30,000 fine

She will also have to serve 250 hours of community service

Huffman found a way to game the system however by reporting on a Sunday for her two week sentence ad surrendering the day after a holiday

The Bureau of Prisons is able to release inmates whose exit date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, on the last preceding weekday


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Huffman was the smartest one of the bunch. You don't mess with the Feds. Looking forward to the Lori Loughlin & Mossimo Giannulli perp walk.

The charge has been leveled against parents who specifically tried to get their children into the University of Southern California. Federal program bribery only applies to schools that receive federal assistance; according to the indictment, USC, Harvard and Stanford all get more than $10,000 in federal funds each year.
Prosecutors allege each of the 11 parents fraudulently claimed their children were athletic recruits in order to be admitted to USC. Actress Lori Loughlin and fashion designer husband Mossimo Giannulli allegedly claimed their two daughters were rowers despite the fact they had no training in the sport.
Several parents have changed their pleas to guilty in the past few weeks. The New York Times reported prosecutors gave parents a Monday deadline to plead guilty "or risk facing a new charge" — a threat that appears to have come to fruition.
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The gang tats on her cootie say it all.

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