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Racist Sandwich

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Yale University hosted Wednesday the host of a podcast, titled, “Racist Sandwich,” which examines food through a social justice lens.

The Ivy League school invited Soleil Ho to speak, with the event co-sponsored by Yale’s Poynter Fellowship in Journalism, the Yale Center for the Study of Race, Indegenity, and Transnational Migration, the Timothy Dwight College (a dorm), the Yale Sustainable Food Program, the Asian American Cultural Center, according to a university news release.

“...a white supremacist, abelist, hetero-patriarchial, capitalist culture” Tweet This
Ho ties the food industry to gender, race, and class in her podcast and often has guests including Julia Turshen, author of a cookbook called “Feed the Resistance.”

“You include a lot of really obvious tells for your politics and I appreciate that,” Ho tells Turshen in an October 2018 episode, titled, “Sheet Pan Chicken with a side of Social Justice.” “In the Thanksgiving menu, you mention indigenous activists and the reasons why a lot of people might not like Thanksgiving.”

“I got to put so much of myself into this book, which includes both my love of cooking at home...but also a lot of social justice messaging,” the author responded. “And I think that cookbooks are a very useful and effective and sort of a powerful tool.”

Ho spoke at the 2019 XOXO Festival, an event for independent artists in Portland, Ore. that features artists “who live and work online.”

During her speech, she highlighted “more stories by and about people whose food ways and livelihoods have been marginalized and undervalued by a white supremacist, abelist, hetero-patriarchial, capitalist culture.”

In August, Ho critiqued Popeyes’ chicken sandwich, calling it "a cheap product where the true cost is carried by marginalized people and animals besides the consumer."

Matthew S. Tanico, associate director of Yale’s Center for the Study of Race, Indigeneity, and Transnational Migration, told Campus Reform that “This year’s series focuses on indigenous food sovereignty and race.”

Yale’s Office of Public Affairs, Poynter Fellowship in Journalism, Timothy Dwight College, Sustainable Food Program, and Asian American Cultural Center did not respond to requests for comment in time for publication.

Mental illness, I say.

But, the illness is growing, and being encouraged because a University is offering a degree in “Food in Culture and Social Justice.”


Oregon State University recently introduced an undergraduate certificate and graduate minor in “Food in Culture and Social Justice.”

The program, which is offered to undergraduates and graduates, seeks to “develop and apply critical thinking and critical writing competencies about food, culture and social justice," according to the program’s learning outcomes. Students will also “critically evaluate the role of food in the construction of identity (gender, ethnicity, religious, etc.)."

Oregon State’s “Fat Studies” course “examines body weight, shape, and size as an area of human difference subject to privilege and discrimination..." Tweet This
Classes required for students to obtain a certificate in the program include “Food Justice,” “Food and Ethnic Identity: Decolonizing Food and Our Body,” “Fat Studies,” and more.

Oregon State’s “Fat Studies” course “examines body weight, shape, and size as an area of human difference subject to privilege and discrimination that intersects with other systems of oppression based on gender, race, class, age, sexual orientation, and ability. Employs a multi-disciplinary approach spanning the behavioral sciences and humanities,” according to the description. “Frames weight-based oppression as a social justice issue, exploring forms of activism used to counter weightism perpetuated throughout various societal institutions.”

Another class, “Food Justice,” examines food systems from a social justice and cultural perspective.

The Food and Culture in Social Justice brochure says that the program helps students realize that the decisions they make with food have major implications.

OSU College Republicans President, Peter Halajian, told Campus Reform that while parts of the program may not be necessary, it is fundamentally a good idea.

“You really cannot accurately understand agriculture without looking at society as well, and if that is a perspective students are interested in, then I think this program is necessary,” Halajian said. “I have looked over the course catalog...and while I will admit some classes seem a little odd to me (i.e. Fat Studies as an elective), I am entirely less concerned about the content and more concerned with whether or not students can actively dissent without being shouted down, harassed, or punitively punished by professors of those classes.”

While he said the program wouldn’t hurt anyone’s chances of getting a job after college, Halajian noted that not many organizations would be looking for students with a specialty in “Food and Culture in Social Justice.” He said that the program may be useful for students looking to work for non-profits, but that it will mainly be used as a “selling point.”

If I lived nearby, I would probably enroll in that college and take their degree, and also enroll in their "Fat Studies" course. I would be the most woke person in class, and have fun with it. I would bring a sandwich to class, take a bite while the teacher is lecturing, and then puke it up, while crying, and exclaim about the sordid taste of whiteness in my hetro-patriarchal-normative white bread sandwich that I prepared using utensils designed by white supremacists and ingredients purchased from a capitalist grocery store using the privileged financial system hooked up to my racist credit card that's issues only to whites with with good credit, because credit scores were designed by and for whites. Maybe then I would take a deep breath and collapse onto my knees on the floor, and let out a bellowing cry and apology to "my world".
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Well, if you use "white" bread you're getting off to a bad start!

Ha! Yale! I remember the days when Yale selected the richest and/or the most academic students. Now it seems they select those with emotional "special needs."
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Racist Sandwich?

Served at Sambo's or Cracker Barrel.
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Soleil Ho is the San Francisco Chronicle's new food critic. She already issued a mini beatdown on Alice Waters. The owner of Wrecking Ball coffee made of bit of a stink about the name, Gourmet Ghetto, when he moved into the neighborhood. Shortly there after Alice also caved on the name and the neighborhood banners came down (though one could argue the name should have never been on the banner in the first place...)
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It's equal opportunity. They need 'gentleman's majors' aka bullshit easy peasy 'C' pass for both the bent twigs of the insanely rich donors as well as the 'new university idiocracy' of scaled diversity admissions.
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Ho is as fat and ugly as you could have predicted.

My analysis of Ho is; she is angry at the world for being ugly, fat and so she must find something to be always railing over.

Of course "rich white privileged men" are her nemesis; we get the hot chicks she never can (she is lesbian). She also deep down wishes she were a hot chick and knows guys won't even glance over at her.
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Gotta sprinkle in black peppers. Brown french fries, yellow mustard etc. mayo not allowed , bread is already white.

Not sure who is more racist , white or east Asian women.
Every asian / chinese chick I see is with their white boyfriend.
HO sounds like she didnt get her white bf n going sour grape.
7   Shaman   ignore (2)   2019 Oct 25, 9:01am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

KgK one says
Not sure who is more racist , white or east Asian women.

Haha easy! East Asian women are way more racist. They don’t even know it’s wrong to be that way and just parrot negative stereotypes about blacks like they’re obvious. White women can go either way but usually aren’t racist, or not overtly so.
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Quigley says
Haha easy! East Asian women are way more racist. They don’t even know it’s wrong to be that way and just parrot negative stereotypes about blacks like they’re obvious. White women can go either way but usually aren’t racist, or not overtly so.

Absolutely - and racial slur for whites is "big noses".
I've heard from local Vietnamese population that they should marry Vietnamese, in worst case some other SE Asian or white, but never a black or Hispanic person.

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