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Residents flee San Francisco

By tovarichpeter follow tovarichpeter   2019 Oct 19, 8:31am 372 views   10 comments         share      


1   Fuckyouasshole   2019 Oct 19, 9:10am  

Lol at SF. They did it to themselves
2   Ceffer   2019 Oct 19, 9:14am  

Why don't they want to rent a room to a guy who walks around in public naked and has Legal Aid on speed dial?
3   BayArea   2019 Oct 19, 9:40am  

Sounds over exaggerated

YoY home prices are UP in the city of SF.
4   Patrick   2019 Oct 19, 9:44am  

Actually, no, SF house prices have been down year over year every month for quite a while now.

5   B.A.C.A.H.   2019 Oct 19, 9:45am  

I dunno, BayArea.

Go to a local K-12 and look at the kids, and look at the adults (and the cars they drive) who dropoff/pickup.

It's not Your Daddy's Bay Area.
6   BayArea   2019 Oct 19, 10:02am  

Patrick, seems to vary by source.


I can tell you that this is the first time I’ve seen Zillow show a negative YoY in the city of SF (-0.1%) in years. So technically I need to correct myself above, as that was per last month’s data.

When I checked last month, it was still positive according to Zillow. Notice that the 1yr forecast is positive.

SJ metro, that’s down big...
7   BayArea   2019 Oct 19, 10:04am  

B.A.C.A.H. says
I dunno, BayArea.

Go to a local K-12 and look at the kids, and look at the adults (and the cars they drive) who dropoff/pickup.

It's not Your Daddy's Bay Area.

Explain, what do you see?
8   B.A.C.A.H.   2019 Oct 19, 12:48pm  

My youngest has been out 6 years already. Seen enough already.

What did I see?

A Tale of Two Cities, Bro.

Have a look. Volunteer at the local elementary. Attend a HS basketball game. See for yourself.

A toxic place to raise kids.
9   BayArea   2019 Oct 19, 1:45pm  

This is an anonymous forum.

Share your specific experience. Might be different than mine.

I live on the mid peninsula and my city is almost entirely white. I go a couple cities south and appears to be majority Chinese/Indian.

So I’m not sure what you are referring to. What’s toxic?

Are you referring to the wealth gap?

And for disclosure, I’m someone that’s just about fed up with the Bay Area.
10   B.A.C.A.H.   2019 Oct 19, 10:28pm  

Yes the wealth gap is part of it.

Do you like it that some of your kids' teachers might be living in their cars? Some of the students living in their parents' cars. Or sheds their parents rent in people's backyards.

I'm with the patnetters on the Entitlement of Civil Servants' generous benefits, etc. Yes it is true no one put a gun to their heads and told them to be teachers. But, they are not all bad. Some are excellent. A key is to be a resourceful parent to the school, an everyday kind of volunteer. Then you can already know the pulse of the campus and your kids will get the best teachers. If they don't get the best teachers you can be boots on the ground to influence the classroom experience to make sure the shitty teacher doesn't hold your kid back. For me to do these required a combination of working night shift a few years, and also partner and I using all our PTO for this sort of stuff instead of Cool And Hip Vacations.

Before I was a tech person I was a teaching major. I dropped out of that program to stay in engineering but not before two rounds of student teaching in classrooms in Santa Clara County, and also occasional substitute teacher gigs when I could work it in around my tech job. That was a long time ago but the changes were already just starting then.

When my kids were K-12, my partner and I burned up all our days off volunteering at the public K-12 schools, all the way till the youngest finished 12th grade. Because of this we didn't have a real vacation till the youngest was well into college.

This was in what you peninsula folks would call a ghetto in East SJ. Ghetto schools with AP classes that sent many kids to the Ivies and elite UC's.
While we reside in a ghetto of what you'd call shitty schools, every day in tech for decades I worked alongside parents who reside in The Fortress places like where you live and I hear the stuff those colleagues share with me. Nearly every day. This is where I learned of the three teenage suicides in recent years (two of them also reported in the news media).

I thought you shared on here you're from East Bay. If you have extended family nearby, like "it takes a village to raise a child" kind of community, your kids will have a shot at a well spent youth in San Leandro or San Lorenzo or whatever place it was, if they are surrounded with the right positive role models and influences in those ghetto kind of places. Otherwise, if your kids are not so old yet, you should give thought to GTF out.

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