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Librem starts shipping

By MisdemeanorRebel follow MisdemeanorRebel   2019 Oct 18, 9:30pm 203 views   5 comments         share      

Can't wait for it to be on general order.

1   Patrick   2019 Oct 18, 9:58pm  

Yes, I'm interested too.
2   Fuckyouasshole   2019 Oct 18, 10:09pm  

Yeah android is like the borg
3   RC2006   2019 Oct 18, 10:27pm  

Who and where is it made?
5   Patrick   2019 Oct 19, 9:51am  

I have to admit I'm a little suspicious the thing will still "call home" and give up data about its users, the way ALL browsers do.

I only one browser that does not attempt to contact the browser maker without the user's permission. Even Firefox now "checks for updates" regularly and does not allow the user to disable that "feature".

Tor is the only browser which seems to actually care about user privacy. Problem is that it's inherently slow because it routes every request through at least 3 Tor nodes.

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